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RELEASE: MediaVPs 3.7.2 - 1st of January 2014
RELEASE: MediaVPs 3.7.2 - 1st of January 2014 version

Older Release post for 3.6.10 Here
Older Release post for 3.6.12 Here

Please note that these are the MediaVPs 2014 which have been rebranded as MediaVPs 3.7.2

Discussion Thread Located Here!

Step 1: Ensure you have a working installation of Freespace 2

The MediaVPs require a working installation of retail Freespace 2. If you do not have the retail Freespace 2, it can be purchased from Good Old Games for ~$6-10 USD

Step 2: Get the latest SCP Build and Launcher

MediaVPs 3.7.2 require an FSO build dated from 1st of January or later!

  • Current Required Build is fs2_open 3.7.2
  • Launchers, if you don't have one already:
  • Both the fs2_open exe and Launcher exe should be placed in your root Freespace2 install folder. ie: "C:\Games\FreeSpace2"
  • Note that this is a HIGHLY recommended place to put your FreeSpace2 files, especially on Vista/Win7.

  • It's a good idea at this point to also copy fs2_open DEBUG exe into your root Freespace2 install folder in case you later on encounter problems you need to ask about on the forums. This is because the debug builds will create the all important "fs2_open.log" file in "C:\Games\FreeSpace2\data" that should always be included in such posts. For more information, please check (all posts!) in The Freespace Troubleshooting FAQ thread in the Freespace and Freespace Open Support Forum

Step 3: Download the 3.7.2 MediaVPs themselves!

The 7z have been set up to extract to a numbered folder called "Mediavps_2014" as part of a concept for being able to retain compatibility going forward, rather than always directly over-writing the previous version.

This means that you will need to be sure about your mod.ini's and Launcher Mod selection to accommodate this change. We feel it is a good way to allow for existing mods to have a better amount of time in which to keep up.

As an example of this, while the MediaVPs make enhancements to the presentation of FS2 Campaign and provide updated assets, many times portions of assets get used in other areas. An example of this is Blue Planet. One of the warp gates uses maps (some, but not all) from the Hatshepsut. Because that model has now changed, Blue Planet must now include the maps that it sourced, which it should have done in the first place. But by providing the MediaVPs with the changes to it's own versioned directory, we spare users the headache of older mods breaking while the mod get's updated to working with the newer set (since not every mod can update and release at the same time as the MediaVPs) by letting them still continue to play with the older set since that's what the mods mod.ini will by default be pointing to.

If you prefer to do this manually, then create a 'Mediavps_2014' folder for the contents of the Zip/7z file(s)

A tip on the MD5's: Finding the MD5 can vary based on software and operating system. Here are some hopefully handy links:
Firefox users: Can use the MD5 Rebourned Hasher addon
Windows/OS X Users: Can use HashTab as a shell extension
Winzip/WinRar/7z: Support Calculating Cheksums, though 7z seems to prefer giving SHA-256.
OS X also has a terminal command for MD5, read about it here

[DOWNLOAD Option 1] - The individual component VPs:

  • MV_Root.7z
    Required: The bare minimum required for running FSO, also contains the mod.ini, FSU-MVP.bmp and Readme.txt and sets up the mod folder
    Download Link: FSMods
    7z MD5: 96BF9C147C7E371ABDE42A10064D9714
    VP MD5: C7729DEA15E7B23dE1936CD79E5A036C

  • MV_Music.7z
    Enhanced OGG Music Package
    Download Link: FSMods
    7z MD5: EC577FEF3C101553ECB1BFF86E7AD8AE
    VP MD5: 121300BBE229D0373CD731A37B205B3A

  • MV_Assets.7z
    All the High Poly Models and their Maps
    Download Link: FSMods
    7z MD5: 17BC0C46A08DE9753E342C445C6F9850
    VP MD5: BB65F1E147C3417A86DD5464F268FEB5

  • MV_Effects.7z
    All the touched up or redone Effects (Weapons, Starfields, etc)
    Download Link: FSMods
    7z MD5: 0D71C9EA7E4D620FD7902D1941161A35
    VP MD5: CD3FEF0AF8308087F619D0E19CF4B620

  • MV_Advanced.7z
    For users with higher end machines, this package contains many significantly more demanding textures and effects that may cause poor performance on low end machines
    Requires: MV_Assets and MV_Effects
    Download Link: FSMods
    7z MD5: 6F3275E66746E7997D060EE71BBD0B47
    VP MD5: 2646219D1D67250ADC4BCF4CEAA0176F

  • MV_A-Glows.7z
    For users with extra texture space, contains all the Animated Glow Maps
    Requires: MV_Assets
    Download Link: FSMods
    7z MD5: BED0E25AC2AF663DD41574B458F37FD5
    VP MD5: F38BADFDC5E3AF3BACB356809A8AD8A6

  • MV_RadarIcons.7z
    Provides ship Icons for the 2D Radar View
    Download Link: FSMods
    7z MD5: 60A99D17D4BE13B478DABDB8DA23550D
    VP MD5: 45B22FB976ADA8C8ECEB96592B940D33

  • MV_CB_ANI_1.7z
    Part of a two part pack that updates all of the cbanims to hi-res 660x300.
    Download Link: FSMods
    7z MD5:A521E079E0343DE8A2873757B1C7E901
    VP MD5:67EF346ABA6A38E60E3517306D0DEDCA

  • MV_CB_ANI_2.7z
    Part of a two part pack that updates all of the cbanims to hi-res 660x300.
    Download Link: FSMods
    7z MD5:D39066B360194429E634D01366568778
    VP MD5:B25264CA441B654BC147C1E7DA574EEA

[DOWNLOAD Option 2] - Single Torrent File:

Torrent Link

Step 4: Install the files

  • Once you've downloaded the packages you want, unpack them all to the same location.
  • You should now find a folder called "MediaVPs_2014" containing several .VP files, a mod.ini, and a few other miscellaneous files.
  • Copy this folder to your Freespace directory. You should end up with something like C:\Games\Freespace2\MediaVPs_2014.

Step 5: Configure the launcher

  • Open the launcher and go to the MOD tab. From here select the MediaVPs 2014.
  • Go to the "Features" or "Advanced Settings" tab (depending on your launcher) to activate the specific features FSO offers.
  • (Note, any of these settings and the others in the lists can be tweaked as desired. See the Wiki Page on Launcher Flags for more information on each one)

Step 6: Play and enjoy! Also, please report any bugs you come across to the FSU Mantis!
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