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Briefing texts reformatted
So the other day I noticed Admiral Ralwood had added the BP briefing texts in what looked like a very unusual and non wiki-ish way. I edited them, and this started a short conversation where it was pointed out that he'd been following an established convention wherein these pages were formatted in a completely different way to the rest of the wiki, apparently as a result of some straight copy-pasting of a pre-wiki document that set an unfortunate formatting convention which had apparently been followed consistently since then.

Rather than stick with an old way of doing things as the result of a legacy document, I figured we could just reformat all the pages into something more conventional and navigable. Here is the example I've done for FS1. I was hoping for some opinions on whether people are happy with it, or any suggestions for improvements before I go through and do the others.

I've already requested changes that will make the table of contents shorter and more manageable (while still retaining the ability to link to a specific briefing stage through headings), and I'm hoping to add thumbnails of the relevant CBAnims for the various stages once we have images uploaded through this process. Any other thoughts?
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Re: Briefing texts reformatted
Looks good to me.


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Re: Briefing texts reformatted
Sounds & looks good.

(and ps. it was Admiral Ralwood who did the BP briefing texts, not Admiral Nelson :))
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Re: Briefing texts reformatted
Shame to lose that bit of credit to Eishtmo, as I doubt anyone new will ever learn who he is. But c'est la vie.


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Re: Briefing texts reformatted
My first instinct was actually to do something more along those lines, but concerns about the TOC getting out of hand were the only reason I didn't. Excellent work on these FS1 pages. If nobody else gets around to it before me, I'll convert the WiH briefing texts to match.
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