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hello all,

still very...very new to this forum, but have been playing freespace for a long time now, i've only just stumbled upon this project which is amazing!

so i've completed fs1 and str in beautiful 1080 graphics, however, now that im on to fs2 ive noticed that the graphics are at 1080 but the hud still seems to be at 800x600

just wondering if i've done something wrong in my installation, any help would be appreciated




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If you're playing with the FSO 3.7.0 .exe and using mediavps_3612 as your mod then you need to manually install a file in order to get a prettier HUD.

You can download that file here:
You need to copy it to fso/mediavps_3612/data/tables (create the folder if it doesn't exist)

If that doesn't work, please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post. (the log will help us troubleshoot the issue further)
Creating a fs2_open.log | Red Alert Bug = Hex Edit | MediaVPs 2014: Bigger HUD gauges | 32bit libs for 64bit Ubuntu
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thank you niffiwan! that solved the problem, guess im off to see beam cannons in its 1080 glory!
again thank you for all your help

Cheers, V

A better solution would be just to use a nightly build here:

And combine it with MediaVP_2014. During the end of the year 2013 an adaptable HUD patch was added in to the nightly builds, so the HUD adjustment is automatic nowadays (although currently it makes hud elements very small for monitors with larger vertical resolution than 1080). You don't even need fancy customized HUD table files anymore, unless you are making a mod yourself. This patch is NOT included in the 3.7.0 version, so that version is obsolete anyway. It doesn't even support the mediaVP_2014.