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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to play the 25th year campaign and I can get it to run, but with no weapons.  Can someone help me?

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Code: [Select]
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\DoP_SCP.vp' with a checksum of 0x13c89a38
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\Duke Squad.vp' with a checksum of 0x4406f7c7
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\HellGateIkeya-music.vp' with a checksum of 0x22fc3a8e
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\HellGateIkeya-v1_1.vp' with a checksum of 0x85c63000
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\Internal Conflicts.vp' with a checksum of 0xde9ec77f
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\LoA_music.vp' with a checksum of 0xd5e41aaa


Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\SotVW.vp' with a checksum of 0x03126046


Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\TheLightOfAntares-v1_1.vp' with a checksum of 0x9971dd79

These files are not part of a normal FS2 distribution and should be deleted. Never, EVER put mod vps next to the retail ones.

Your problems probably are caused by corrupt savegames, you need to start again with a fresh one.
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Thank you for the help. 

You said to "Never, EVER put mod vps next to the retail ones." but that is the only way I have been able to get all of them to work.  Where am I supposed to be putting them?  When they are in there own folder in my freespace2 folder they never are seen in the campaign selection scene.


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You need to select the folder (containing the mods VP files) as a mod in your launcher.  There should be a file in the mod folder called "mod.ini" which tells FSO how to configure the mod..

The problem with them all in the root folder is that they will override each others settings in an unpredictable fashion.  This will usually lead to freespace2 and mods not working correctly, e.g. no weapons available because the weapons specified in the mission have been overridden by another mods config :)
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awesome thanks!  I'll start doing that now in the future.  I'll let you know if I run into anything else but all is working now.