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Geallen's Mission Depot
Virgon Campign
Dev notes:
In the future I'll hopefully have an entire voice acted Campaign for yours and mine pleasure for both SP and Coop, then even some TvT.
Also a note at least story wise, All 12 colonies inhabit 12 different Solar Systems. Just so my head doesn't explode from the weirdness of 12 habitable and unterraformed worlds being in one system.

Background Story
In this alternative universe, the Cylon virus failed. It failed because the war weary military knowing the nature of their old enemies had fail safes incorporated into the CNP and more than that all Networked computers had physically activated overrides that re-installed older and more reliable software(I mean really IRL there is no standing military would have let what happened to the colonies happen here. Especially if they experienced that type of warfare first hand). However the Cylon forces were technologically superior and more copius in numbers giving them the initiative. Now the two Space Faring civilizations are at war, and it will only become more ugly. You are stationed in the Virgon system, good luck pilot.

Berillion Rescue
You are an scouting party from Battlestar Dalliance. You are ordered to investigate an uniquely encrypted colonial signal, and search for survivors. (6/6/2014)
Update notes:
4 different endings, 16 different after action reports.
Hopefully two in-game endings that work.
More dialogue and events added, pretiaing to the destruction and departure of ships.
Less Cylons to make it easier on the player.
Working Combat Rearm landings.
Just remembered to turn off invulnerability and re-upload.
And lots more...

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Re: Geallen's Mission Depot
UPDATE: I have recently been working on a new map Pharros Resupply, it is an sequel to the first, planned to eventually turn into an campaign. Now I want to add flavor, I want to make this series fun and different so instead of releasing the current version I'm going to make several versions of each mission(up to 5) to play out the different endings from the first mission, second, etc. However that will take some time.

So I'll put up a poll, do you want me to prioritize on making the first mission actually playable(currently the ending doesn't work and there are issues with the Coop). Or do you want me to go ahead and push to finish the new mission?

Sorry there has been little updates, I've also been apart of the UFO AI project and it has eaten up a lot of my time aside from this and work.
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Re: Geallen's Mission Depot
I found there a serious problem about CSS sunkiss. After some time in the mission a tyber wing apears and launch missiles to SUNKISS and when it is destroyed the mission wont be failed imidiadely and there will be no debriefing. :banghead:

I was also checking the cause of the problem in event editor and i found that there are quiet a mess in event about destroying SUNKISS, because there is a operator when added twice. I think that it is wrong. I encountered with it two times.

But generaly is a good and impresive mission good job :yes:. I will also release a little mission soon  ;7

I will try to fix encountered problems and tell you about my resluts  :nod:
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Re: Geallen's Mission Depot
Last night I was doing about repairing the errors in the mission and i have to say that you propably werent good at maths at scool because I found some errors in the event editor. Except the bad placed operator when i found that there were a broblem with departure of players ship in event Emergency landing_1 the activation the as activaton condition there was and. That means that both conditions must become true to make event true. There should be or. That means that at least one condition must become true. That is a propositional logic a high shool maths lesson. :) Player can not dock in two areas at the same time so that is the reason why BtlS jumped out without shp. this error have also some other events about landing on Daliance.

I found there another fault about chainted evets. The first event was chained but there wasnt any event before. I provide analysis and I fount that you probably wanted to make this event true after 5 seconds. So I set this event as unchained and added the activaton condition has time elapsed and set a 5 seconds its the better way.

I also changed the background because those stars generated by Fred are horrible and tey are limiting the game performance so i used a background generated by developers for a better star effect.

I changed a appearance of the CSS Sunkiss on the escort list according to plot of the mission.

Another little mistake is the ending of the mission when you land on theseus. The fade out is can not be present at the chained event end miision, because the fade out wont have any time to make a effect. Endmission must be chained( I set interval 2 seconds) and in the before event (landing on daliance) have to be a fade out, messages and another stuff.

In departure you have also a fault in the countdown. Honestly so far I dont know how the countdown works, but I am working on it.... In the Diaspora documentation you have a instructions about countdown so I looked to them and fixed the problem. Now the countdown is working properly.

I also encountered the problem that altough is Battlestar Dalliance during departure set to be immobile it is still moving so I also made some changes. If the Cerberus and X-Ray is destroyed I set the BS Dalliance to play death because there wont be nobody to fight against. But If the BS Dalliance will be under 40 (thanx to flak and CIWS probably not  :D) the ship will have disabled sublight engines. In both cases the departure time will be 80 seconds (I had quiet mess in it :) ). Consier that I cteated another debriefing. I also changed a departure conditions of BS dalliance. I hope that it will be working without problem because I found that there are so many warping conditions about the cerberus.

About the CSS sunkiss I created a event named CSS sunkiss destroyed the activation condition is its destruction but it wont become true after the crew evacuation (vindiction4) It will end the mission and clasify it as failure. So I again created another debriefing.

I didnt finished the testing today so maybe it will be done tomorow.

But I must say that the storyteling is good  :yes:


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Re: Geallen's Mission Depot
If you still have any questions on how to fix things, feel free to ask. I'm happy to lend a hand.
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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Re: Geallen's Mission Depot
OK I got it! The mission is now quiet playable but I thing that some futher change of directives (telling player wht to do) would be needed. So enjoy
and check out my corections Gaelen. :D