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120 FPS but "choppy" graphics
I am getting a little picky, but I am hoping that someone has an answer:

I have a HD 6750 and an I7-2600K
I have tried Open 3.7.1 (build 10612) SSE and
FS2 Open 3.70

I have a Profile in wxlauncher set to what I call 'Vanilla' which is just the resolution set to my native resolution of my monitor of 1080p. My benq is able to do 120 FPS.

I have also tried on a profile set to what I call 'Candy' which is with the MediaVPs 2014 and all effects turned on.

I have created a Catalyst profile that will turn on Vertical Sync because the launcher setting is ignored along with the FSAA. I don't know why and it really isn't my concern. I have also tried it without the launcher.

First of both Vanilla and Candy profiles exhibit the same behavior. My issue is this: When I turn on any axis (which basically creates a pan) the nebulas and ships are jumpy. It isn't screen roll or a vertical sync issue. It looks like a poorly encoded video that looks really bad during pans but just fine when there is no camera movement. When ships fly across my field of view there is no issue, it is only when I am turning on an axis which happens quite a lot in FSO. :)

It looks like the graphics are "catching up" to the current rendered frame.

I remember playing this game a few years ago and experienced none of this. I play other games and do not have this issue. I am hoping that there is some frame buffer setting that I could adjust.

Does this ring a bell? Is there anything that I can do? I have searched the forums and haven't found someone either as anal as me or is having the same issue.

Thanks for the time,


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Re: 120 FPS but "choppy" graphics
Hm, interesting. Does vsync fix it?

Please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.

It might also be interesting to get a video capture, if that's practical.


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Re: 120 FPS but "choppy" graphics
Vertical Sync Off is worse as there is still the jumpiness and screen rolling.

I attached the log from a cloned "Candy" setting.

Here is the link to a 60 fps wmv I am unable to create a 120FPS. The jumpy nebula is more pronounced at double the frame rate. The interesting thing is that when fraps is recording it is actually smoother. I don't get it but it is. It also seemed to be much better in windowed mode. I will continue digging. It almost feels like the engine can't keep up which is my layman way of understanding. Ignore the!9365&authkey=!ALrTdBPTBYnfbXc&ithint=folder%2c.wmv. You should download it (11 megs) streaming it is 30 fps.

I know I am being anal about this, but  with a solid frame rate it shouldn't be jumpy at all, If I were dropping more than the 1 or 2 frames then I would understand.

Edit: thanks for the help ;)

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Re: 120 FPS but "choppy" graphics
have you tried triple buffering with vsync?
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Re: 120 FPS but "choppy" graphics
I gotta admit I'm not seeing it in the footage...


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Re: 120 FPS but "choppy" graphics
I can kinda see it, but I have absolutely no idea what would cause it. It's probably something not going exactly right in the render code; I would be interested in knowing whether the same effect happens in a mission with a skybox instead of background nebula.
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Re: 120 FPS but "choppy" graphics
I think that I have triple turned on in the catalyst profile...  yep. Is there a way to do it with the launcher?

You are right it is hard to see in the footage. I wish that I could show you in full. Think of it as a bad microstutter in FSX, but only affecting textures not the entire frame.

What mission has a skybox? I will test it out.

Also, is there a command line where I can limit the frame rate?

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