Author Topic: I screwed up my installation. Can you help me fix it?  (Read 928 times)

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I screwed up my installation. Can you help me fix it?
Hi guys, this will be my first post.

I was installing FS Open and, frankly, I screwed it up. :banghead: I first bought and installed FS 2 on Steam, then created a new folder and copied the files to that folder using the installer. When the choice of installation came up, I selected to install ALL of the mods, not realizing how long it would take. I got impatient and cancelled the installation midway through. Then, I deleted the folder with the copied game files and partially-downloaded mods in it and restarted the installer with the intent to install just the basic game without the mods. My problem is that, when I restarted the installer, it says that all of the files are up to date, when they clearly don't exist anymore, and just copies the game files to the new folder but doesn't install any new files.

My question is: how do I refresh the installer so that it will reinstall the necessary files? Thanks in advance.


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Re: I screwed up my installation. Can you help me fix it?
There are a couple of options to get the installer to redownload everything.  Probably easiest is to select the checkbox labelled "Re-run installation for mods that are already installed up to date" - that should be at the bottom of the screen after you've selected "Basic".  The other way is to remove the "" file in your home folder, I think for Windows 7 that'll be in c:\users\<USERNAME>\
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