Author Topic: Weird Bug Landing on Prometheus  (Read 1039 times)

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Weird Bug Landing on Prometheus
Firstly, think you for making this brilliant game! I appreciate BSG even more than before after playing through this!

However, on the last mission I successfully landed on The Prometheus but, in game it did not show me jumping with it. Rather, it jumped and left me in space to take damage down to 1% w/o any controls, for some reason not killing me no matter how many hits I took. Then, it had me jump solo. After that it went straight to the rendezvous cutscene as if I had docked. All in all a fairly minor non-gameplay bug, but still, I feel like I should report it as I was quite proud of successfully docking on that sucker in 30 seconds on my first try and it scared the crap out of me when it seemed to jump without me...

Keep up the great work  :)


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Re: Weird Bug Landing on Prometheus
I've had that happen to me as well, except it was only a few seconds between the Prometheus jumping and me following it solo.  Unfortunately I can't remember which version it occurred on.
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Re: Weird Bug Landing on Prometheus
I think we've actually figured out what is causing it. It should be fixed in the next patch.
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