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Deep Space Settlement
Well, like Space the Internet is vast and small objects can go unnoticed for quite some time, unless someone is looking for them - or they are making their presence known:

Deep Space Settlement, an indie 4X RTS made just that for me last night when Kotaku article about it appeared on my newsfeed...

Have the pre-order trailer:

... and the link to the pretty pictures:

I'm still trying to figure out how legit they are but I though you should see it.

Fixed the youtube embed -- The E
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Re: Deep Space Settlement
I keep waiting to see Tanis pop up in there :p

[edit] oh my :D
i like how this is looking.
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Re: Deep Space Settlement
It looks quite cool!!
el hombre vicio...


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Re: Deep Space Settlement
Well that looks sexy as hell.
I keep waiting to see Tanis pop up in there :p

[edit] oh my :D
i like how this is looking.

Me too. Harvesters and dreadnoughts etc.


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Re: Deep Space Settlement
Looks nice. I've been looking at space-based 4X RTSes for quite some time, trying to find a modern game that would match Imperium Galactica II. So far without luck, but this looks promising.


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Re: Deep Space Settlement
Painting your stuff black does not make it intimidating u guyz. :o

Interested, will keep an eye on this. :yes:


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Re: Deep Space Settlement
Those screenies and the video looks really nice, i like that.
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