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Blue Planet musics for Sins of a Solar Empire
Hey guys !

Just started playing Sins of a Solar Empire not long ago.. such a great game. I've never liked a single RTS, but this one is mad.

Anyway, I like the music in this game, but I prefered to have some epic musics like the ones in the Blue Planet soundtrack ; so what I just did is renamed some of the Blue Planet music and copied them to the Sound folder of Sins (for me under SteamLibrary/SteamApps/common/Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion/Sound)

I copied 23 musics : 10 for "battle", 9 for "quiet", 3 for "sad", and one for "pirate announcement" but you may want to remove this one since it's not really freespace related. This is no more than the musics of BP with different names.

Here is the download of the archive : : unzip it to your Sound folder and you shall listen to the awesome Blue Planet music while playing Sins !

Though, note that in order to work you have to replace the existing musics ; so you would better do a backup of your Sound folder before doing anything in case you want the original musics back.

Thanks to the Blue Planet team for these awesome musics !
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Re: Blue Planet musics for Sins of a Solar Empire
Or you could have just made this into a quick and easy mod in not much more time.
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Re: Blue Planet musics for Sins of a Solar Empire
Yes, but a mod means you can't play with those who haven't it. It would have been ok for single player, but not for multiplayer.


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Re: Blue Planet musics for Sins of a Solar Empire
yeah that pirate announcement music enough said  :nod:. but like sparda said its not that hard to make this into a mod.
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