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Liberation of Volstand MCO version
Not sure how active the forum is these days, but I thought I'd try my luck!

I've just downloaded MCO latest and some campaigns, and was very pleased to find a respin of LoV which I loved under MC2--a real challenge most of the time.

However there seems to be something wrong with the enemy brains. Some of them don't activate at all; other mechs just wander back and forth between two points, even under heavy fire, and I can pick them off with LRMs without having a shot fired back. It seems that LRM range has increased beyond sensor and line of sight range, and I strongly suspect the enemy warriors don't actually know where I am.

In other cases I'm not seeing teams activate when they should and I can pick them off one by one instead of the whole lance waking up and going for my throat.

In some missions, some but not all mechs wake up as expected and do their worst.

LoV seems to be kind of unusable like this--anyone know what's actually going wrong?


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Re: Liberation of Volstand MCO version
Hello mrchuck.

LOV campaign is an old MC2 campaign converted to MCO.

MCO brains are different then the old brains and all old brain files had to be changed too.
For this I wrote a small program and most of the files (99%) are changed automatically.
But this is only to make them compatible. I only did rewriting to problematic files that caused errors.

All brains will have to be rewritten an I dont have time for this. And I never played LOV campaign under old MC2.
If you know LOV and how the missions should work and know how to change brains, please feel free to rewrite all the brains for LOV campaign missions.
You have plenty examples in brain files for my exodus and mw2 mercs campaign.
I will be happy to update the download with your work.

I am working solo on MCO code and use all my free time preparing next MCO release (I have 3 more upgraded mech models to add and finish last 2 missions for MW2 mercs campaign).