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Issue possibly from redownloading Sync
So I wanted to try out the Sync campaign today because why not, and as I tried to play it, it stated that the launcher found 30 errors with the mod. So I figured, I'll just redownload it. I redownloaded it, and dragged it into my Freespace 2 folder, and moved the old one somewhere else for the time being. Although in the process I managed to drag it into the wrong folder within all the Freespace stuff. I don't remember which one specifically, but I found it eventually and put it back into the general Freespace folder. I tried to do it again, but now there are over 100 errors/warnings, and only a few mods work now. I tried to run Blue Planet to see if that worked, because that has ALWAYS worked for me, and now that lists about 80ish errors/warnings.

This log was me trying to run BP: WiH

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Re: Issue possibly from redownloading Sync
Whoops. False alarm. Actually ran the installer, and the installer told me that this fella: BR_STLpack.vp was out of place. I'm guessing that this is supposed to be in the brshivans folder correct?

Also, found out that I still have the 30 issues with Sync. Here's the log for that.

(Sorry I don't know ****. I'm still newish to PC gaming, especially when it comes to stuff like this.)

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