Author Topic: Seriously old-school GOG freebie  (Read 879 times)

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Seriously old-school GOG freebie
GOG's now offering Akalabeth: World of Doom, Richard Garriot's very first game and the predecessor of his legendary Ultima series, for free.   I'm not sure if it'd hold up in any real sense today, but it's cool to have just for the history.


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Re: Seriously old-school GOG freebie
That brings back memories. Mostly of how easily entertained I used to be when I was younger.


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Re: Seriously old-school GOG freebie
Heh, I suppose if you looked at even something like Elite from the viewpoint of today, it looks like something a student would hand in for an end-of-year IT project :D

As many Dwarf Fortress fans will tell you though, the fun is in the imagination ;)


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Re: Seriously old-school GOG freebie
Don't know if I'll ever actually touch it, but I grabbed it, so thank you. I may someday out of curiosity.

Re: Seriously old-school GOG freebie
Cool to see my namesake for free online. Though personally I've owned it for years as a part of the Ultima collection.
More of a dungeon crawler but going down and battling things in 3-d hallways is pretty cool.