Author Topic: Play with eyefinity hud and/or FS2_open 3.7.2?  (Read 1404 times)

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Play with eyefinity hud and/or FS2_open 3.7.2?
Hi guys. I just finished playing the FS2 campaign with 2014 MVP and just now installed TBP.
It looks really impressive so far. Sadly the hud gets stretched all over my three screens right now. The newest FS2_open i get working is 3.7.0.
3.7.2 rc4 fixed the hud for eyefinity with the regular FS2 for me.

Is there anyway to mod the HUD for three screens or use a newer FS2 open executable?

To get the hud right it shouldn't be more then changing some parameters to place the elements right?

Edit: Apparently the HUD is easily fixed with a custom Hud-Gauges.tbl. Done that and it works.
Now only the briefings and mission rooms are stretched. I guess that ones is harder to fix. If it is possible please let me know. Otherwise it is no big issue anyways.
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