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Triplewide missile lock tracking
I'm stuck trying to find the solution to this little problem. When I'm running my preferred resolution of 5760x1080 in Ubuntu 14.10, the tracking triangle for missiles is oversensitive to motion in yaw, and struggles to track targets moving across the screen - even with a missile like the harpoon.
I'm sure it's the wider resolution that's causing the issue - tracking works fine when I dial the resolution down. I'm presuming it's exclusive to me as I haven't seen it mentioned by anyone else (or my google-fu is failing me). It's more a niggle than a major issue, if I really get stuck I can just turn the res down.


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Re: Triplewide missile lock tracking
I recall someone mentioning this issue previously.  To make sure it's not forgotten (again) could you post a ticket on the SCP mantis? Having said that, given that none of the coders (AFAIK) have triple-monitors it may take a while to fix.
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Re: Triplewide missile lock tracking
Ta, done :)