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RELEASE - HWBP Remastered Demo (V3)
Fresh after release, HWBP is one of the first mods to be ported to HWR.

This is a early version with still a number of outstanding issues but pretty much everything that was in the classic version is available here See the readme for more info.


Steam Workshop link


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======= IMPORTANT NOTES ========

This version of HWBP is intended for Homeworld Remastered. You can find the HW2 Classic demo here

This is a very early version with a number of outstanding issues. Please keep that in mind while playing.

For now, this mod is intended for Gauntlet gameplay mode only.

Everything in this mod can be considered free to use as long as credit is given where it's due. Feel free to contact me if you are not sure who exactly is to be credited for something specific in the mod.

========= KNOWN ISSUES =========


- Only one map (Training grounds) is available.
- All stats are placeholders taken directly from BP game stats that do not necessarily reflect the intended capabilities of the ships.


- Skyboxes have not been ported yet.
- Hyperion uses outdated model.
- Raynor doesn't have AAA and TT2s implemented yet.
- A number of ships don't have glowpoint implemented yet.
- Beam visuals and sounds are to be overhauled.
- Ship icons are to be overhauled.

=========== CHANGELOG ============

V3 - 06/03/2015
- Chimera, Bellerophon, Diomedes and Raynor have been updated with the latest models/textures.
- Raynor doesn't have AAA and TT2s implemented yet.

V2 - 03/03/2015
- Fixed shading issues and added normal maps on all ships except Hyperion, Chimera, Bellerophon, Diomedes and Raynor.
- Fixed issue on some ships that were using the shader, with which hyperspace materialization was not occuring properly.
- Removed leftover svn files and unused ships to reduce .big size.
- Made GTD Carthage available for construction.

V1 - 02/03/2015
- Initial port to HWR.
- Deathmatch mode, Kelym's pass and skyboxes were removed.

=========== CREDITS ============

HWBP Team members:

- MatthTheGeek: Main modder, converter, hoder and stuff.


David O'Brien - Critical Mass
Igor Dvorkin/Ellie Kidd - Horde

Special thanks to:

- Darius and the Blue Planet team, for building this awesome extension to the Freespace universe, and giving us a great story and excellent missions to play with.

- The Freespace Upgrade team, for various models, textures and effects used, and for bringing our favourite space shooter back to today's visual standards.

- The Ancient-Shivan War team for the subspace effect.

- The Freespace Source Code Project, for offering us always more possibilities.

- The Hard-Light Productions community, for keeping Freespace alive, for finding me a little corner of web to show my stuff on, and for their support.

- The Homeworld:@ Team, for letting me use some of their effects and scripts, and for their support.

- Volition, Relic and Gearbox, for making the great games we all love.
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Re: RELEASE - HWBP Remastered Demo
I think it would have been MUCH better to just wait till you had more to show.  What point is it being the first, if all it does is have people take a look at you alpha, say it sucks and never come back?
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Re: RELEASE - HWBP Remastered Demo
I presumed this is primarily for those who have played the classic version and want to get a preview of how it looks in remastered. hwbp classic is definitely where new people should start with.


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Re: RELEASE - HWBP Remastered Demo (V3)

Matth, this project is too important to not have a skirmish mode!

Is it as easy as porting over the scripts from the HW Classic version or is it a bit more involved with Remastered?

Re: RELEASE - HWBP Remastered Demo (V3)
I have been having some technical difficulties with my Demo. I don't know if this is the right place to post it in.

Re: RELEASE - HWBP Remastered Demo (V3)
Is there a non steam download link?