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MCO Editor Missing Textures
Hey folks,

Been a fan of MC2 for a long time and after recently finding MCO I've been re-living the good times!  I'm playing around in the editor though and I keep getting some missing texture problems when I load up the mission on a different computer (kinda have to as I'm often away from my main computer).  Anyone got any ideas have to solve this?  Other than me not moving files around :).

I'm running a Windows 7 64bit OS and I've not done anything to the MCO Editor that's changed it from it's original install.

Any help would be great!


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Re: MCO Editor Missing Textures
Hey Magic, thanks for the link

I checked it out but I can find anything that will work. 

The original texture was the bog-standard tundra (in the Random_Maps).  I've converted the tundra .jpeg into .tga easy enough and when I try to set the base texture I get the message "Color Map wrong size or not valid TGA".  I've tried the other textures from the missions the come with MCO but none work.

Any ideas?



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Re: MCO Editor Missing Textures
Each map size will use exact size of tga texture for that map size.

Create dummy mission in the size of your mission and check the size of its texture. Any TGA you want to use must be in the size appropriate for mission size.