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[Release] Gee's Raw Sound Pack 1.1 (Update)
Greetings all!

This thread is a bit of a Ronseal thread... meaning "It does what it says on the tin!"

So, I am happy to present a pack of sound effects for the modding community to play with.

Sound effects taste is like music taste, so there will be some stuff in here that you like and some that you won't. It isn't set in stone that the sounds listed below have to be used for what the names say, the names were given more so that I had an idea of what I was trying to create. If you can find other uses for them, then crack on!  :yes:

Now some have already heard my previous stuff and that has also been included in this pack. So... what's in the pack?

  • Five single shot lasers
  • Two main beam weapons
  • Two AA beam weapons
  • Two sets of cloaking sounds
  • Two railguns
  • One beam slash
  • One Anti-matter explosion

Download from:-

Enjoy and have fun! :)

Update 1.1

  • Following some artifacts at the end of a few of the sounds, this has now been fixed so the should play out smoothly.
  • Fixed AA Beam Weapon 2 as the beam up was the same sound as the beam loop.
  • Added examples for the AA Beams firing 3 shots to give an idea of how they are meant to sound.

NB:- I have not faded out the examples for the 3 shot AA beams, as they are not intended to be used for in game purposes, so there is a slight pop at the end. But if you do want to chop the files in Soundforge, Audacity, Pro Tools... etc.... then feel free.
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Re: [Release] Gee's Raw Sound Pack 1
Nice, good job, many thanks   :yes:

In my opinion, may be some of them needs a little fade out at the end ?
 i mean, that without fading, can produce a strange effect when are ingame, but i´m not sure.


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Re: [Release] Gee's Raw Sound Pack 1
Gee, I like it. Very much.

Ill be making sure to use some of these sounds in my upcoming releases :)
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Re: [Release] Gee's Raw Sound Pack 1
Looks like I'll be replacing my stock beam sounds for my not-quite-beam weapons :)


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Re: [Release] Gee's Raw Sound Pack 1.1 (Update)
Thanks for the feedback.

coffeesoft, I've addressed that issue regarding the fade out. I was meant to do it before the release but I forgot.  :eek:
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