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First Impressions of MCO
Here are my impressions from the first time I played it yesterday.
 1: easy to DL and load
 2: not so easy to start.  playing. It needs a... video readme  that says "1289x1024(4:3) will work most of the time". I had to go digging through the forums to find this out and was about to give up on ever playing MCO.  :mad:
3: load campaign screen is small enough I have trouble reading the text. Turns out that the load/save screen are the same way
4: mission breifing and just about every other scrren until the mission is launched is the same way.  Very hard to rread a lot of the text.
5: I liked the map in MC2 better anbd I like the command interface in MC2 better. I can live with using the new ones though and in time will like them better.

I dl'd the Carver v campaign and am playing through it. it is a good update of the campaign. No problems installing it. If all the campaigns are the same way, I will try just about all of them eventually.

I like it better then the standard mC2 in spite of the things I dislike. MC2 IS easier to play since it does not have these problems.

MC2 my rating 8
MCO my rating 9

FYI I am running it on a stock Dell Dimension 2400, Celeron 2.4  GHZ, 2 gb memory, Win XP


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Re: First Impressions of MCO
another FYI:
I got a slightly better laptop this weekend and installed MCO on it. It is actually working better on it then on my desktop. Same problems though.

Dell Latitude D600, 1.4GHZ, Win XP,  768 MB ram, I have the 'better' LCD screen that will handle resolution over 1024x768. In fact, it handles 1280x1024 good enough that I use it for my normal screen resolution.  :) :) :)


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Re: First Impressions of MCO
second impressions:

once I got through the various glitches and/or hardware and/or Windows problems, it makes a VERY awesome impression on me. Rating just went to 9.5. I am still not too sure about the new command interface but I can live with it.  ;7 :D Now if someone could do something about no extra pilot(s) in the beginning of the Carver V campaign. In the original MC2 Carver V you were supposed to salvage an enemy mech but not having extra pilots means that you cannot do it.