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I am playing the Carver V campaign right now.
1:  I am unable to salvage a downed enemy mechs
2: the bottom edge of the screen is cut off. In order to scroll down on the map I am using the down arrow key.

Annoying but I can still play the game.


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1. In order to salvage enemy mech you must have pilot available. You must hire pilots (use hire button).
2. Please take a screenshot. What is your desktop resolution and in what resolution the game runs (you can read resolution at the bottom of the main menu)?


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1:  AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! I should have thought about that. Carver V campaign does not start with any extra pilots like the original MC2 Carver V.  Campaign setup glitch and not a MCO glitch.

2: Here is a screenshot. It actually shows a little more of the bottom of the game then my laptop screen does. Resolution on both laptop, desktop, and game match at 1280x1024 (4x3).  My desktop will handle 1600x1200 (4x3) but the mouse starts to lag - as does the game on occasion. (needs a good video card). The best my laptop handles is 1400x1050. I will try it on that setting later when I play again and let you know how it does.

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tried the 1400x1050 on my laptop. It made things a LOT worse.


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sometimes the simple things just go right by you without you noticing.

My desktop automatically runs in in full screen mode. my laptop starts it in a window.  Clicking on the maximize button in the top right changes it to a full screen display and everything shows up the way it is supposed to.

Hardware and/or windows problems - not a game problem.

Any chance of getting 1400x1050(4x3) addded to the resolution lists? No big deal - if no one asks then it will never be added.