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English voices file for FS2

I need a link to file with english voices (IIRC it was Stu_fs2.vp) for original campain in FreeSpace2. Couldnt find any via googles or search function here. My copy of FS2 is in polish, so having english subtitles with polish voices (terrible dubbing imo :P) is kinda irritating. I would really appriciate any help.

BTW - I`m trying to open from instalation disc, but winrar won`t do it (something about two different kinds of .cab files), what do I need to open this particular file? Again, I would be gratefull for any help.


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Re: English voices file for FS2
IIRC you have to use some sort of InnoExtract thingy for that, provided you are using the GOG version of FS2.  The FSOInstaller uses that and should be able to install FS2 from your installation media (at least the GOG version) for you AFAIK.  It's at the top of the forum under Installing FreeSpace Open.


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Re: English voices file for FS2
I have FSO installed, just need that english voice file. Some games have multiple language files on thier installation discs, thought  this one might too, thats why I asked about .cab files "opener". My copy isnt GOG version, I bought it in 1999 or 2000, but gonna check that innoextract thingy anyway.

Sooo... noone wants to share Stu_fs2.vp? C`mon guys, its only ~170mb  :D