Author Topic: Joystick detected in WXLauncher, but won't work ingame  (Read 3703 times)

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Joystick detected in WXLauncher, but won't work ingame
Never seen this problem before. What's weird is it was working, then I quit out to do some other things, came back to it and now... this. I was playing Diaspora. I also checked to see if it was the same in FSOpen, and it is. WXLauncher detects my joystick, Windows settings confirms that it's functioning properly(i can calibrate it and see that all the buttons and axes are fine). Odd thing is, if I use a gamepad, that registers and works(sort of) ingame. Gamepad is unplugged and still no joy.

Just tried uninstalling and reinstalling WXlauncher, still nothing. Anyone else had a joystick issue like this?
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Re: Joystick detected in WXLauncher, but won't work ingame
Hmm.  And of course, joystick is enabled in the in-game options, and you aren't running a mouse-joystick script (although I'm not sure if that would cause any problems).

Edit: oh, might as well Please post your fs2_open.log file.  Instructions on how to do this can be found in this post.

Re: Joystick detected in WXLauncher, but won't work ingame
Make sure you set your joystick to Preferred Device under the Advanced Settings in Windows Game Controller panel. Then if there is more then one showing up in the Launch drop down menu try them all.

Re: Joystick detected in WXLauncher, but won't work ingame
I have somewhat of similar problem.

Additional to the case, that it does not recognize my Joystick in-game sometimes, i have also problems that, even the Joystick responds i did not have any Force Feedback effects.
Sometimes i have to restart the game three or four times to recognize the Joystick and to get the Force Feedback effects.

But i have to say, that i use a nightly build, maybe the one with a new Controller input?
I do not think that this in an error in the launcher, because i still use the outdated FS2 Open Launcher 5.5g, that afaik use the same configurations like the wx one.

But it seems that FS2_Open did not recognize "Spring Center" at all for a few versions, even all other FFB Effects are there.
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