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Let's Play: RimWorld!

I'd like to LP a game of RimWorld with all of you good folks. Recruitment info is at the bottom of this post. Up here, I'll explain what we'll be getting into:

RimWorld is a colony building game, similar in genre to Dwarf Fortress et al. Every standard game starts with three colonists and a pet.

At first, you will be struggling to find shelter and a reliable source of food and electricity. Later, you'll try to progress your research and infrastructure to better provide for the colony, to a point where you're either basically invulnerable to threats, or can escape on a new space ship. Or you get wiped out.

What threats will we face? At first: starvation and depression/insanity, and depending on colony site, the elements. Later, roving parties of hostile natives, bands of armed thugs, or ruthless mechanoids will prove a more... direct challenge.

The colony can expand, but slowly; every colonist is a valuable part of the whole, and a loss can be devastating. Sometimes, random wanderers can just up-and-join the colony. But most times, you'll be beating unconscious, capturing, and converting enemy raiders... I know that sounds bad, but it does work pretty well.

Rules of play

I'll be starting a new colony, and allow the first four applicants to customize their characters. All others will have to be captured characters, so customization will be limited to names (though I'll try to match personality and traits if possible).

I will not be save-scumming to keep you alive. When a character dies, they'll stay dead. That said, I do reserve the right to save-revert in the case of bugs, glitches, ridiculous one-hit kills/dismemberments, and my own inevitable numb-skulled incompetence leading to our demise.

I will be using the following mods ONLY:
Prepare Carefully so I can customize the starting characters and add a fourth. I'll be looking for balance with the initial loadout, rough parity with vanilla RimWorld.
Enhanced Tabs for better management.
Combat Realism for more combat options.
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering to prevent a lost limb or organ being the end of a colonist's career
and A Dog Said... because surgery on dogs.
Additional mods may be considered IF: they're save friendly, and a very good case is presented via PM only. Or if I notice a serious inconvenience that can be easily solved.


Updates will be kind of slow, as I'm working a pretty intense schedule right now. I think I should be able to get one sizeable update a week done, or might be able to break it into two or three smaller ones over the week.

Hopefully, this schedule will let me actually complete this thing, until we either escape the planet, or succumb to violence.


As I said, I need colonists. The first four to post here and request a position will be those four, applicants beyond that will be assigned to converted characters when available.

If you know the skills/traits you'd like, go ahead and let me know what you'd like most of. If you don't know what kind of skills are available, think of Fallout mixed with The Sims sort of things, and you can read this page:
Or, just write a short bio for your character, and I'll work it out from there. Here's a fiction primer if you'd like to make a more lore-friendly story/bio.

I'll need a given-, family-, and nick-name (if you want a seperate one) for all applicants. Also, we need a name for our pet.


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Re: Let's Play: RimWorld!
Yes! Rimworld!

I'll just boot up my copy with Prepare Carefully and see what I can make.

Anthony "Snarks" Florian
Wine Runner
Information Broker

Chemical Fascination

Passionate Skills

I'll leave it up to you to assign point values.


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Re: Let's Play: RimWorld!
I'd love to be in as the dog! but you've got to train me in haul and release if you do.
If possible male please, don't wanna end up pregnant on the first two months :P
el hombre vicio...

Re: Let's Play: RimWorld!
I'd love to be in as the dog! but you've got to train me in haul and release if you do.
If possible male please, don't wanna end up pregnant on the first two months :P

I wasn't aware that was possible! Are we taking immaculate dogception, or were you just having a laugh? :D


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Re: Let's Play: RimWorld!
I'm pretty sure at least livestock can be bred, not sure about pets though.

Re: Let's Play: RimWorld!
The first session will start tonight, so there's still time to get in before planetfall. Applicants will get semi-random pawns after that, but all are still welcome!


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Re: Let's Play: RimWorld!
Yeah I'm sure it's possible, you have to have multiple of the same kind though and it just happens randomly during middle age.
After the first time, it just hapens at least once a year so, you can even make profit selling the old ones and replacing with the new pups.
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Re: Let's Play: RimWorld!
Episode 1: Wherein Everyone is Confused, Very Little is Accomplished, and a Rabid Squirrel Bites Fox.

The four of you awake in your cryosleep sarcophagi to the sounds of sirens and ripping metal. You barely get to the escape pods before the ship is torn apart.

Some time later, you land on this unknown rimworld.

As pieces of the shredded starship fall around you, you start making plans to survive.

"Hey. Hey you guys, listen up."

They aren't listening. Well, they've been through a lot these past few minutes...

"Hey! Listen!"

"OK, there we go. Now, I'm sure you four have a lot of questions, I'll do my best to get you on your feet.

"I have good news and bad new, and then more good news and some more bad news. The good news: You are alive, and have arrived at a habitable colony planet. The bad news: Your ship exploded, and as far as I know, you're the only survivors. More good news though: Some supplies from the ship arrived, and we have enough to build a real colony here. And the final bad news: This world is not uninhabited, there are raiders, natives, and mechanoids basically everywhere; it may get violent around here."

They're taking this well. No panicking, just dazed and confused stares... Oh right.

"I'm sure you're wondering who I am. Well, basically, I'm God.

"Nah, not really. I'm the ship's cloud-based colonization computer: 'Distributed Intelligence: Building'. You can call me DIB if you'd like. I'm using your wrist computers for processing and communication, so I can see what you do and issue orders.

"Now, this is very important: I have a lot of information and advanced planning routines. If you all want to survive, it's going to be very important that you listen to me. Any questions? No? Well let's get to work."

And there they go. Nice. Let's take a look at who we're working with here.

Snarks Florian. 28 year-old Information Broker. He's got some decent (not great) social and crafting skills, and is capable of everything. Your standard jack-of-all-trades.

Fox. 65 year-old Researcher. Not-terrible shooting and social skills, and very good crafting and researching. Can't do manual labor though, that could be inconvenient. Hmm, he's "psychically hypersensitive"; that could be bad if something weird happens.

Engie. 34 year-old Combat Engineer. Our best fighter, and very skilled at construction. She can do everything too, though not very well.

And finally, Blank Johnson. 45 year-old Bartender. Melee fighter and doctor, and can do just about all we'll need him to.

"For your first task, everyone, I'd like you hollow out this hill here, you're going to need shelter. Right? Humans need that, yeah? Yeah.

"If you can't mine, (Engie...), please gather together all our supplies, and drop them here. I've outlined a stockpile for our stuff.

Wait, what was that, moving over there? Oh, that's right, there were a domesticated dog and squirrel in the pods.

"Rodooooooo, who's a good boy? You are! And a little squirrel friend! Hi!"

OK, enough fun, what's next... "I know you're all busy and everything with the digging and lifting stuff, but when you get a chance, knock over these trees here, please. You're going to need material for walls and things.

"As soon as you get enough wood together, throw up some walls. I'm thinking we build a nice little cafeteria/kitchen/dorm."

Let's have a look at the work assignments page, see if there's anything we can do to get a bit more efficiency here.

That explains it. Nobody's assigned to mine or cut plants. It's an easy fix. "Everyone, if you'll turn your attention to your computers, you'll notice you've received assignments. Let me know if you can't do anything on there."

What's next... Ah, we'll need power for our cook stove and climate control units. A solar generator should take care of that.

Huh, that's odd. Everyone's just passed out on the ground wherever. Oh, I didn't assign sleeping areas.

There we go.

Ah, our refrigerator is done (enough)! "This area is going to be for fresh and cooked foods, and animal carcasses. It's going to stay freezing to keep everything from spoiling, so don't, uh, don't hang out in there too long."

Now that we have a bit of momentum going, I think I'll lay out food prep areas and a dining tabe. Battery will go in the cave, to protect it from the rain. Yes...

This mountain here looks pretty solid, and it has a good bit of steel inside. Think I'll make it the main headquarters. Little access corridor, and the communications/armory to one side.

This can be the kitchen/cafeteria/pantry, and I think there's room for a hydroponic farm, too. We'll see.

And the rest will be rooms. I don't think I'll have them dig this all out right now, we have more pressing matters.

Fox: Uh, DIB, sir. Um, it looks like we're going to be here for a while, doesn't it? I was thinking, we should call our settlement something. You know? I don't think it has to be fancy or anything, but, what do you think?"

Hmm, yeah. That sounds good. "OK Fox, I have an idea:"

"The Colony, Rigid Lumens. Named after my dear old motherboard. Sorry, computer humor. :/"

Fox: Uh, yes sir mister DIB sir. It's a fine name.

"Glad you agree. Now! I think I have a way to kill two birds with one stone, here. Look at the plans I'm sending to you all:

"This structure will be both indoor material storage, AND a trading stockpile! Impressed?" They don't seem terribly impressed.

"Whoap, hold on. We have visitors calling! Be nice, and try to make friends. You'll need all the allies you can get here."

The visitors from Dancer's Village came to our little homestead, and just kind of hung out for about a day. They brought their own food, which was awesome since we're running a little low... They sat, they ate, they chatted with us- er, with my colonists. All in all, I'd say it was a fairly successful meeting.

In the days to follow, I queued up some additional power sources, and scouted the area.

The boomalope is a very interesting creature. It's said it was a farm animal before they escaped and went feral. I don't know, reliable sources are hard to come by. But it's pretty well established that these guys will explode if jostled too hard. Think a boomrat, but huuuuge. They won't be on the hunt list for a while.

Hmmm, what's this?
"I'm getting some strange psychic signatures off of one of the squirrels in the area."

"Oh, I see it now."

Engie: What is it?

"It seems this squirrel has gone off its nut, so to speak. It's mad and aggressive, and is charging toward you all as we speak."

Blank: You don't seem concerned, at least. Should we be?


Fox: Aaaah! It's biting me! Ow! Help!

"Run, you fool! Use your significantly longer legs and GET AWAY FROM IT!"

"OK, now everyone: Step on it, kick it, and if it jumps on you, slap that squirrel!"

The colonists flail for a few vicious seconds, the creature a blur of fur and rage... And it's over. The squirrel is a sack of meat and smear in the dirt.

"Actually, as long as you have a squirrel carcass handy, why don't you carve and cook that sucker up?"

Fox: If I may, sir DIB sir, I'd like to handle that. I'm a bit of a chef, and I'd like to get some revenge on the beast.

I agree, and Fox dutifully sets to chopping and cooking the squirrel meat. Not immediately, of course. Blank bandaged up the bites and scratches superbly, first.

And then for a while, everyone just plugged along, gradually putting walls up, and digging out caves in the hills. Fox took down a few more game animals, and cooked them into simple meals.

We have a comms console now, so we can call up any of the surrounding communities if we need help with anything. We can also call trading ships that occasionally pass through orbit, and send goods up in exchange for things we can't get down here. No ships at the moment, though.

And then a random traveller decides to just join the colony. Neat!
"Welcome to the colony of Rigid Lumens, Smax! Say 'hi', everyone!"

Fox: Hello.

Blank: Hi, Smax!

Engie: Welcome!

Snarks: Howdy.

Rodo: Woof!

Oh yeah, we have a dog. I almost forgot!" Hey Rodo, where were you during the squirrel incident, anyway?"

Rodo: Aroooo.

Meet Smax. 20 year-old glitterworld empath. How he ended up hiking accross a rimworld is anybody's guess, but it's good for us. He's a non-combatant, probably doesn't know the front end of a rifle from the back. But it's fine, he's a veritable wizard with words, and a very competent doctor and cook.

While Smax was getting settled, I detected a few cargo pods crashing to ground a short distance away. Probably supplies from our ship that just got delayed in slightly different trajectory, or something. Anyway, it's a pretty good supply of refined uranium! We can't do anything with it yet, but it'll definitely come in handy eventually.

Snarks: Hey Rodo, come here, boy! Look, we got some fresh meat, finally! You'd like some of this, right? Well, if you promise to obey us, we'll make sure you get allllll the meat you could want!

Rodo: *dog-shrugs in agreement*

And that's how our resident animal trainer does his business. It also probably explains why Rodo was off doing anything else during the squirrel event.

Fox is becoming quite the hunter, he's moved from rabbits to deer, and he's taking them down with just a pistol and dragging them to the refrigerator himself.

Huh, Smax looks weird.
"Hey Smax, what's up?"

Smax: Ah! The voice in the sky! Hello, DIB! Um, I'm ok. I don't like to complain, really.

"Uh huh. Come on, out with it already. Let me help you help me help the colony help you."

Smax: Well, it's just that I seem to have lost my pants. I'm ok with it, really. But flopping around in front of everyone makes me a little self-conscious.

"Right right, I'm familiar with the concept of modesty. I'll see what I can do to get you some pants, but it might be a while. Hang loose until then, ok?"

I've got to remember that these people have weird needs, and that morale is essential to survival. Pants are also useful. Apparently.

We're making some good progress on our warrens, so this will probably mark the end of this log. Oh yeah, I'm keeping a log of the colony. If they survive, their children will probably need to learn some history. If they don't... Well I'm sure somebody will read this.

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Re: Let's Play: RimWorld!
Rodo's log:
Today I ate some grass, and then Snarks gave me some tasty squirrel meat.
Wonder where did he got that squirrel..

woof woof! wiggle* wiggle*

edit: now that I think about it, dogs cannot have logs!
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Re: Let's Play: RimWorld!
They can leave them though!


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That they can do.

Be wary, I'll occasionally eat up some of the strawberry plants you so dearly tended to!
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Snarks'  Voice Log 01:

Today Fox got attacked by what I can only assume to be a squirrel with rabies. We then proceeded to stomp its face in, butchered it, and cooked it. Just as a safety precaution, I think I'll feed Rodo some of that squirrel meat to see if it's safe. Hey Rodo, come here, boy! Look, we got some fresh meat, finally! You'd like some of this, right?


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looks snarks with dreamy eyes*

wof wof

wiggle* wiggle*
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Ooh Rimworld! This game has kept me hooked for so many hours that I've lost track already. I'm IN!

As usual in these LP's. Gortef for male or Gortina for female for kicks and giggles.
Habeeb it...

Ooh Rimworld! This game has kept me hooked for so many hours that I've lost track already. I'm IN!

As usual in these LP's. Gortef for male or Gortina for female for kicks and giggles.

Ah, awesome! You'll take over Fox, I think, in the next episode. Or whichever of the others you'd like to, if you have any preference.


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I think you might be able to change the nickname on a colonist. Don't quote me on it though.


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Fox is fine.

And yes the player can indeed change the nicknames ON MOST CASES. I remember there being some pawns whose nicks were not editable during the game, with proper tools before the game sure.
Habeeb it...

I actually recorded a new session about 2 days ago, but haven't had time to write and post it... You (Gortef) are now in the body of Blank, the doctor/maceman. I'll try to get that posted tonight Thursday. Watch this space!
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Session 2: In Which Engie Shoots A Man Down

Gortef: You know, guys, I'm actually really happy to be here with you all. Thanks for putting up with me during my brief identity crisis, I feel like our colony is stronger than ever.

Fox: ZzzzZZzzzz

Let's have a look around the place... Rodo's training is coming along, but slowly. Despite being a good doggy, he's got a stubborn streak, and isn't taking to training very well. It's fine, we have time.

Our potato farm is coming along nicely, but I'd feel better if we had some variety, too. Strawberries are good.

While Gortef and Engie start clearing the new farmland, Fox and Smax continue to mine out our comm room and cave entrance.

Yep, it looks like everyone has plenty to do, we have enough food and more on the way. Unless something weird happens, we should be good for the immediate future. "Eh, what's this?"

"A mysterious blight has destroyed your crops. Is that all the information I get?? Ah, my botany system must be underpowered right now. Not much to do for it but to replant. Guys."

Gortef: Way ahead of you, mate.

All right, what next. I wonder if there's anything I can do with that squirrel that dropped with us?

Looks like she can be trained to defend and attack enemies, but is too small for any actual work. Sounds good to me. We are going to need more meat though, looks like we're running low. What? No, I'm not going to eat our squirrel yet.

"Hey Fox, sometime tomorrow, hunt up some deer, please."

Looks like our comm center is about complete, I'll set down the plans for our permanent comms console.

Oh, and I'll plop down a research bench too!

And of course it's not big enough. I'll see if somebody can carve a little more space in there.

And finally, let's plant some Xerigium.

According to my database, Xerigium is a common ingredient in many herbal and industrial first-aid medicines. This will DEFINITELY come in handy at some point.

Speaking of one such situation... "Attention Rigid Lumens: I've detected a pirate raiding group landing nearby. These guys tend to prepare first, before attacking. Check your arms, be ready for anything; I'm going to see if I can take a look."

Code: [Select]
Running search: cloud terminal
 cloud terminal found. wireless protocol address 8152.1256.0943
Accessing cloud terminal 8152.1256.0943
 access denied
Running subroutine: "cloud crack" on terminal 8152.1256.0943
 subroutine complete
Accessing cloud terminal 8152.1256.0943
 access granted
Adding terminal 8152.1256.0943 to cloud net and sensor array
Displaying subject info: Doug

"Well colonists, I have good news and bad news."

Fox: I didn't like the last time you said that...

"Yeah, well. The bad news is that it's definitely a pirate raiding party. The good news is that the party is a single guy, and he is armed with only an awful steel shiv. If you stick together, you'll be just fine.

"While he prepares, you all need to just keep doing what you're doing, but be ready to run and/or fight at any moment. And if you're feeling hungry, I spotted some packaged survival meals and some meat cannisters that must have dropped from our ship earlier. Grab those when you get a chance and you'll be set. Any questions?"

Smax: I don't feel good, you stupid jerk AI.

"Whoa there Smax, what's wrong, buddy? Is it the no-pants thing again? Ah, I see. The shared sleeping quarters are super ugly and dirty, too. If you can keep it together a few more days, I'll see what I can do about at least one of those things."

Smax: I don't expect much from you, but if I see it, I suppose I'll be grateful...

"That's the spirit!"

"All right everyone, this is it. Doug is attacking. Take your positions!"

Smax: I'm not armed, I can't fight, and even if I could, I'm still a pacifist! Why am I out here???

"Because you need to be somewhere your friends can cover you so you don't get shivved."

Smax: *grumble*

Engie: Target sighted to the south! Range looks about 60 meters. Firing. *bang* Miss. I wish I had something better than this old hunting rifle...

"Do your best."

Engie: Yes sir. Aiming. Firing. *bang* Hit. He's still up, and coming. I think I winged him. Re-aiming. Firing. *bang* Miss.

Fox: Aiming. He's almost in range. Get ready Gortef, Snarks, just in case.

Engie: Aiming. Firing. *bang* Hit. He's down.

"Excellent work, everyone. And good shooting, Engie. Stand down, all, while I take a look at him."

Looks like one really good, solid hit to his right arm sent him into shock. Nothing looks broken, which is very good.

Fox: So, what are we going to do with him? I don't think we can just leave him to bleed out in the dirt, can we?

"Hrrmmmmm, no I suppose not. I definitely wasn't planning to leave his dessicated corpse as a warning to others, that's for sure."

"All right, I have an idea. When you're all finished eating, I need somebody to build a wall and door to seal up the old battery cave. It'll be our new prison.

"Smax, you're now our primary warden (and doctor). Snarks, Fox, and Engie are your auxilliary wardens if we suddenly stumble into a whole lot of prisoners. Your first duty, will be to please transport the prisoner to the makeshift prison. Gortef, when the prisoner is secure, see if you can patch up his wounds."

Smax: Sure thing.

Gortef: Yep!

Snarks: Hey boss, the research bench your ordered is finally almost done!

"Oh sweet, with all the excitement, I almost forgot about that! What should we research first?"

Pneumatic picks? Those will help with mining, but it can wait. Ooh! Explosive IEDs! No, not super useful right now. Ah, stonecutting. Yes, we can definitely use some fire resistant building materials for our home, and the research time is low. Yep.

"Fox, Snarks. You two are now our researchers, in addition to your regular duties. I'll take off some of the more time intensive tasks to help though."

Some time passed. A group of visitors came to visit. I specified that all the grass and shrubs inside the dirt hut be cleared away to make things more home-y and less outside-y.

Engie: That jerk Doug would barely even talk to me, and wouldn't listen to anything I was trying to say about our colony! But you still love me, Rodo, don't ya, boy?

Rodo: *meh*

That dog just refuses to accept training. Oh well, I'm sure the bribes will get to him eventually...

"More visitors. Dancer's Village, this time. Remember: Be hospitable everyone, allies count."

A short time later... *whump* *whump* *aaaaaargh*

"What in the world??? Oh, I see.

Code: [Select]
terminal 8152.1256.0943 running medical diagnostic process...
 Results: Doug is mentally unstable at this time due to increased cortisol production
 attributed to mental distress.
Database search: stress AND berserk
 Results: The condition "berserk" is generally brought on by exceptional levels of
 stress, particularly when pain and injury have recently occurred. The condition renders
 a subject extremely violent and uncontrollable. The condition will usually subside
 in a matter of hours or days. If possible, keep subject fed and hydrated.

"So, Doug has gone berserk, apparently. Uh, don't go into the prison until he calms down."

"Ah, there he goes. Keep it up, all. And sleep well; tomorrow is another interesting day. Probably."


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I don't understand. He gives me food alright, and then he talks hours about some doug. Who is doug? I'm doug?
Meh, I'll just wiggle the tail everytime he offers the food.

*wiggle *wiggle
el hombre vicio...