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Need advice in purchasing CH peripherials.
Hi guys. I'm right now only have a CH Fighterstick joystick in my inventory. While it does great at what it is designed to do, it does have it's flaws in that it can't let me roll my craft without dedicating a button to do that. I wish to participate more in flight simulator games and the more recent space sim games such as Elite Dangerous and maybe even Starcitizen and to of course enhance my experience in Freespace. I've been looking into getting the CH Pedals and the CH Pro Throttle to add to that experience, but I'm unsure if getting those two will be worth the price or if I just only need one of the two. What do you guys suggest, including other products that will combo my Fighterstick very well.


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Re: Need advice in purchasing CH peripherials.
You only really need those two. If you fly a lot, then yes, it's worth it. The throttle is great, though it won't actually help you control roll (well, it has a thumbstick, but it'd be awkward for that). It is a bit simple (no detents, moves in a straight line) and the thumbstick may need a deadzone (though maybe it's just my throttle that has the centering spring worn out), but it's very ergonomic and pleasant to use. Pedals also have 3 axes, so they can be used for driving games as well (at least if you don't need a clutch pedal).

Both pedals and throttle are certainly worth the price. Once you get used to a HOTAS setup, it's hard to go back to anything less. :) Immersion is amazing and flying feels very natural, especially in flight sims.

Re: Need advice in purchasing CH peripherials.
I personally had a Pro Throttle a long while back. I did not like it at all. Compared to the Saitek Pro Throttle (you can find used ones sold alone on Ebay) it doesn't hold a candle to it. I now use the Warthog throttle

I also owned the CH Rudder Pedals and did not like them either. The right and left are very close together and they slide. I now use the Saitek Combat Pro Rudder Pedals. There are better ones out but for the money these work great. If you want to get into flight sims or modern space combat sims I would suggest you try and get the best you can. I think the CH Flightstick is good. Some people complain about the HOTAS buttom placement not being ergonomic but the quality is good overall. Kind of hard to think about playing without a good HOTAS with as many buttons as you can get as well as a throttle and rudder pedals
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Re: Need advice in purchasing CH peripherials.
Hmm, interesting to see the Saitek's pro throttle. Your vote of confidence for it and it's far cheaper price tag has me convinced to perhaps pick that over CH's. As for pedals, the prices are similar so I'm going to have to look at it more in depth. Thank you.

Re: Need advice in purchasing CH peripherials.
Hmm, one issue I've noticed with Saitek is that they typically don't hold a candle to CH products in durability as CH products have lasted years without any issue. Is this something I should take into account in determining which pedals to get?

Re: Need advice in purchasing CH peripherials. So will this do fine if I don't get the other Saitek combat pedal ones?

Re: Need advice in purchasing CH peripherials.
I have not heard of problems with the Saitek Pro versions. The throttle has a lot more axis controls.

The Saitek Pro pedals feel durable and have medal parts in them.  I did not like the feel of the CH ones I had. They slide instead of tilt (at least mine did). The Saitek also have individual toe brakes

These are the ones I have. They seem to have changed them with a new version that does not look as durable. There are still some of the ones I have around

Re: Need advice in purchasing CH peripherials.
Noted, I'll keep on eye on either one to see which price is better and if equal get that older one at your suggestion. Soon I'll get the funds for em.


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Re: Need advice in purchasing CH peripherials.
Everyone needs these.
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Re: Need advice in purchasing CH peripherials.
I just bought the MFG Crosswind Pedals, utterly loving them. They are much more solid and nicer to use than any other pedal on the market, but I've only tried one of the Saitek pedals for any length of time though. But these are very very nice. :)

Downside, hand-crafted so there is a bit of a wait time, but worth it.
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