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My own voice in my created game


  I am currently in the process of creating my own mission in Mission Editor and I wanted to Know is there a way I can record my own voice for the Briefing? I use the record app on my phone and tried to save it as a .wave file but didn't work. Is there a special program i can download for this?


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Re: My own voice in my created game
There are dozens of audio editing programs if you have a microphone for your computer - I use Audacity, bug there are many other good choices. Not sure about you're specific phone, obviously, but the FSOpen engine handles .wav files (not .wave) perfectly well, and they're a very common output format. You will need to tell FRED where the file is, and store it within the appropriate subdirectory (your mods data\sounds directory IIRC).
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Re: My own voice in my created game
Once I have the Wav file How would I add to the Command Briefing in my mission. I want to use my own voice in the Briefings.


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Re: My own voice in my created game

Put the file in your mods data\voice\command_briefings folder (create one if you don't have it). Type the name of the file into the Wave Filename section.
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Re: My own voice in my created game
OK, I figured out how to do it :)