Author Topic: Total Biscuit has cancer . . . again  (Read 782 times)

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Total Biscuit has cancer . . . again

Watched this guy on YT for a number of years and he's been my gateway to a number of new PC games which I would have not otherwise have played.   He was taking chemo a few months ago and the cancer has apparently since spread to another part of this body (metastasized), so back to chemo again.  Doesn't sound at all ideal and would be very sad to see him drop out of the PC-gaming media scene.


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Re: Total Biscuit has cancer . . . again
Yer just watched it myself :(

The main issue is that once it starts spreading it is damn near impossible to eliminate because cancer cells may have spread to other locations.  at this point the chemo is life support rather than a cure.  fingers crossed a break through happens soon for him.
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Re: Total Biscuit has cancer . . . again
Welp, that ****ing sucks.

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Re: Total Biscuit has cancer . . . again
This site introduced me to him and while I haven't yet gone out of my way to start watching his content yet, it is something in the back of my mind to consider. He seems to talk a lot of sense every time I've watched him, and seems like a man of character with a lot of charisma. So I certainly hope he ultimately prevails over the cancer.


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Re: Total Biscuit has cancer . . . again
**** cancer so hard :(


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Re: Total Biscuit has cancer . . . again
I feel with him... Cancer is a thing with my family, my uncle is in hospital right now because he catched a cold and now has a one sided pneumonia... not the best while getting chemo-therapy.
All the best to total biscuit.
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Re: Total Biscuit has cancer . . . again
This is sad. I remember first encountering totalbiscuit when RPS posted about his videos and following him for a while. He's a bit of a constant in the games reporting stuff and it's hard to imagine a world without him, even though my opinions about him bounced around a lot. If this goes south, I'll remember him for the moment where he told all the transphobic bigots to **** off, which is something more people ought to do.

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Re: Total Biscuit has cancer . . . again
Yeah I like his videos for the most part. Hearthstone bores me, and I stopped watching the Co-Optional Podcast due to its content and some of the regular members other than TB but I usually enjoy his WTF series and 15 minutes of game and his occasional rant.  Haven't found any other YT news channel with a PC/Indie Focus and a bearable host.