Author Topic: I require your assistance, MechWarriors!  (Read 1031 times)

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I require your assistance, MechWarriors!
Hail, fellow knights of the post-apocalyptic spacefuture of the 1980s!  I am encountering a couple of dastardly errors while trying to run MCO.

1. The game is stuck in windowed mode; even when checking the option.cfg file and making sure the fullscreen mode is turned to TRUE (it already is).

2.  I tried to work through this, and attempted to start both campaigns one at a time.  However, after clicking the start button for the first missions, the game just sort of muddled along; it didn't freeze either time, so I exited back to the main menu and attempt this process a few times.

So, any ideas on how to conquer these implacable foes?  Graphics drivers?  Reinstall?  I have a feeling from past experience the latter won't work.

My thanks for your consideration!   
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Re: I require your assistance, MechWarriors!
Please take a screenshot of the main menu and the screen after you start the campaign.


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Re: I require your assistance, MechWarriors!
I had a similar problem. The blue windows bar showed at the top of the screen and the bottom was cut off. All I had to do (after trying a lot different things) was to click on the middle button to maximize the screen. I was then in a proper full screen mode.