Author Topic: [RELEASE] I made a 1080p HUD  (Read 10420 times)

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Re: [RELEASE] I made a 1080p HUD
There was an optional extra that added radar icons for bp a while back, but it's a little out of date with the ship renames and new ships. I tabled my own but couldn't find any fitting icons for the super-juggernauts. Also had to set the frigates as radar-corvette as to my knowledge nobody made a radar-frigate icon for bp.
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Re: [RELEASE] I made a 1080p HUD
At a glance, this is a sweet-looking HUD. Conversely, though, I have the distinct impression that this would be incredibly jarring to a 15 year FreeSpace veteran.
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Re: [RELEASE] I made a 1080p HUD

Does anyone still have a copy of this? The download link does not work.
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Re: [RELEASE] I made a 1080p HUD
This HUD is now available on Knossos:


At 1440p, I really do like the way this HUD looks....
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