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And finally the CH Pro Throttle arrived!
I'm loving it thus far, I've tried it in direct mode with the Elite: Dangerous combat demo (no need for an external map, there are even thruster axises in the option menu) and I've been slowly setting up a map file for X-wing vs Tie Fighter.
The difference between the big slider and the small throttle wheel at the base of the stick is like night and day, games in which one has to make compromises between speed and manouverability constantly like Elite and XvT benefit a lot from having a precise throttle axis.
Contrary to what many said the throttle base doesn't slide at all even when playing frantic game modes like the basic furball with Tie Fighters in XvT (which is essentially instagib deathmatch to use a FPS equivalent), probably a combination of the throttle being really light to the touch and the weight of my hand on it.

The only quibble (which I was prepared for) is the ministick not centering properly, but that was solved with a bit of deadzone.
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