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Omikron Nomad Soul FREE offer
Square Enix is offering an apparently limited number of free copies of this game in honour of David Bowie who voices one or more of the characters:

Free copies are being offered through the Square Enix online store, with the use of the promo code "omikron" at checkout. The offer is available from now until January 22 or "until supplies last," which suggests you may want to get there sooner rather than later should demand outstrip whatever possible allocation of Steam codes Square Enix may have arbitrarily applied to this promotion.

Full article:


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Re: Omikron Nomad Soul FREE offer
Nice gesture.  I think I watched cr1tikal "play" this once, but I know next to nothing about it.  Still, free game!

Re: Omikron Nomad Soul FREE offer
Good stuff, I remember this game. It's a wonderful technical mess of ideas with mixed execution but it's probably been the first open-world type experience I've ever had, opening my imagination to the possibilities. 1999 was such a wondrous year and 'age' for me with this, Freespace, Battlezone, AoE and AoE2, SimCity 3000, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Bullfrog's Theme Park, the list goes on.  (Though there are many games of the era I only got around to many years later, including HL, Planescape, etc).

Definitely worth a look-see or at least Let's Play worthy, it's absolutely an entertaining game (for me) to watch people play, too.

Shame that David Bowie passed away.

I'm all about getting the most out of games, so whenever I discover something very strange or push the limits, I upload them here:


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Re: Omikron Nomad Soul FREE offer
That looks like something I'd probably not ever end up playing.  I'll not take up a key from someone who might really want it.
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