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Alternate Reality/Crossover Campaign?
After playing Blue Planet (which was the most spectacular gameplay I've ever had), inspiration struck, and I dusted off FRED and took a 48-hour stroll through the HLP modding wiki.

If it's okay with you guys, I'd like to include a few story elements from Blue Planet in my campaign, akin to an alternate reality, occurring a few years after the events of Blue Planet. It's intended as a direct sequel to retail Freespace 2, not Blue Planet. The campaign will take place from the Shivans' perspective.

As such, I'm a little bit curious about the GTVA's anti-Shivan plans in the BP universe. I've gathered that the general goal of the VEGADEX wargame stuff was to evaluate the GTVA's preparedness in the event of a third Shivan incursion, either as a pass/fail for whether or not TEI upgrades to the fleet were working, or possibly to gather data about what needed to be done for the TEI program.

Is it possible to be specific about the GTVA's plans in regard to a third Shivan incursion, as it pertains to the BP universe, without spoilers? Are there plans to evacuate contested systems? Do they have a significant portion of their entire civilian populace ready to relocate en-masse at the first sighting of a Mara? Or are they committed to stand, fight, and defend? To what end is the GTVA committed to defending strategically critical orbital and planetary infrastructure, especially given the Shivans' legendary propensity for surprise warp-ins & gratuitous beamspam? Is everything expendable? Is everything multiply redundant? Will they spend half their entire armada in the span of a month if it means dislodging a Shivan fleet from Beta Aquilae, or do something akin to what the Sancutary did in Age of Aquarius? If the GTVA's conquest of Sol is successful in Blue Planet, would that radically alter their Shivan response plan?

I do intend to follow up on the events that Bosch set into motion in FS2, and that will go in a somewhat different direction than in Blue Planet.
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Re: Alternate Reality/Crossover Campaign?
This sounds awesome! Go for it.

I can't type lots of details right now but I'm sure the IRC krew/forum squad has some thoughts.