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Tips for Ride of the Valkyrie?
I've just finished failing at "Ride of the Valkyrie" in the Raider Wars campaign about 17 times. The base's guns are too numerous, and inevitibly gut me; on my best attempt I was able to off two towers worth of guns before the remaining two and the ones on the walls killed me.

I've tried every ship and every weapon. The only missiles that have long enough ranges for standoff tactics are the Badger and Panther. The former can be shot down, and has too low a refire rate/too long a lockon time for more than one to be in flight at a time. The latter doesn't do much damage to the turrets at all.

One of my problems is that *none* of my allies will attack the base. They sort of mill about 3 klicks out; targeting them shows they're trying to attack, but they never even enter range.

I know the base surrenders (and then explodes) under some conditions, but it looks to me like you have to destroy every turret and every fighter to get it to do so.

Is there something I'm missing?


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Re: Tips for Ride of the Valkyrie?
Yeah, I recall finding that one a real pain too.  I beat it by using the Thunderbolt, its 45mm pulse cannon has a slightly longer range that the base guns so I could stop just within range of a single gun, kill it without it being able to respond, then shuffled slowly & carefully over to the next gun. Wash, rinse, repeat...
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Re: Tips for Ride of the Valkyrie?
Note to self. When you get to a ludicrous number of turrets stop adding them.
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