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So I'm in the midst of my first play-through of WiH Act 3, and I recently played "One Truth".  The first time I succeeded in taking down the MacDuff, but I took too much time learning how to fight, and ended up getting killed when I tried to take-out the comet's core and the entire thing jumped before I could finish and got dragged along.  The second time I bypassed the Macduff and went for the reactor first.  I was glad to have completed the objective, but wasn't happy about the civilian deaths, so I played it again.  This time I took out the MacDuff as quickly as I could, and went full burn towards the docking point.  I called in the transport, but I still wasn't sure I'd have enough time.  As it was, the count-down hit zero as the mission complete message was delivered.  I'm not sure I was breathing for the last 20 seconds or so.

Recently, I tried a replay from the techroom to see what choosing alternate crews would do.  Is there some instances when Simms or Ken options work, or are they just there as a joke?
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I really really love this mission.


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I kinda assumed Simms or Ken were options for future missions. That said, I kinda like the idea that they're options because Laporte is a little bit off the hinges.