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Freespace Blue: Campaign help
So going through Freespace Blue, it does indeed fix a lot of bugs in the original FS2 campaign. But I do have a few questions on new strategies to complete missions since some alterations significantly increase the difficulty.

During High Noon, it seems like the Sathanas is directly firing at my fighter (Alpha 1) as soon as I draw agro. Twice I was instantly disintegrated appraoching from two widly different angles. The first round would always go directly at the Colossus, the second shot would always go directly at me. I eventually got lucky and took out the last beam with two dead on torpedos, but since this is a OHK, what is the strat for preventing this?

Also, hordes of dragon fighters show up during Apocalypse, and with the changes to the Shivan capital ships, the Lemnos always goes down before I can make it a "safe zone" with it's beam guns. Hiding like a coward doesn't seem to help, I'm just over run while waddling like a turtle.


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Re: Freespace Blue: Campaign help
Huh. I guess the...oh ****, wow. It didn't really occur to me how severely the 'same turret cooldown' flag might mess up balance in warship-vs-warship encounters involving Shivans.

Re: Freespace Blue: Campaign help
Yeah, I've never seen the Lemnos go down in vanilla, in Blue, I've yet to see it survive. Another thing is the two Shivan corvettes the Aquitaine won't engage in its respective nebula missions. I haven't tried TAG'ing yet, but in Vanila if you were within a certain distance, it would at least open fire.

Overall, it's great. I love the fact that caps can use their beams again in Finest Hour, and little changes like the NTCv showing up during the Knossos blockade run.

Re: Freespace Blue: Campaign help
Same turret cooldown makes beams fire like you're playing on insane... on all difficulties. If you want those capships to survive you're going to need to take some trebs and start beam sniping.
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