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Freespace screenshot LP
My first attempt at an LP, I was inspired by well written screenshot narratives like XCOM UFO and Jagged Alliance 2. Ideally I want to get more people interested in Freespace, and it is a small way of saying "thank you" on my part for all of the excellent work the modding community has done over the years, from new graphics, gameplay, campaigns, stories, I've seen little else like it anywhere.


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Re: Freespace screenshot LP
You gotta play FreeSpace Blue when you get to FS2!

Re: Freespace screenshot LP
That's the plan! I also plan on including the FS2 multiplayer missions (done with bots) and the FS2 demo.

Re: Freespace screenshot LP
Hm, this is a pretty interesting idea. The merging of a bit of fanfic with actual gameplay footage. Recently I have also come up with the idea of taking some screenshots from my playthrough of several Freespace campaigns, but I took a lot less of them, about one, two from a mission, since I saw the usage of them mostly in loading screens or for an eyecandy in the download sites of the respective campaigns.
If you want to use some of them, go on. I could actually help you a bit with taking them - since I am already on it...

By the way, I am strongly suggesting running the latest Nightly build of FSO to take screens (at least of 23rd June I think). The new PBR effects merged into the game engine are gorgeous.
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Re: Freespace screenshot LP
Those are some great screenshots. I don't plan on doing Cardinal Spear, but I'll definitely name drop it at some point. When that comes up, I'm happy to post some of yours.