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MCO Mechwarrior 2 crash
Has anyone run into this crash?

MCO 559, Mechwarrior 2 campaign, MW2_9_1 Last Frontier
1920 by 1200 resolution
Windows 8

Crash Reads :

Stop : Out of memory. Tried to virtual alloc 65536 bytes

Ive run into it a few times in other levels but you simply replay the level and move on.
This consistently crashes between 3 and 14 minutes into the level (8 attempts)

Ive searched and searched and cant find any reference to it apart from a similar issue in MCG that went unanswered.

Has anyone hit this snag, and more importantly, managed to work their way through it?

Would really appreciate some help. Loving the mod and want to smash through all the campaigns :)


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Re: MCO Mechwarrior 2 crash

This is the problem with graphics and win 10.
Just before you get "out of memory" there is quick small pop-up window "d3d error".

The only way to cheat this bug is to finish first two objectives then qucksave. After the crush load the same mission and then quickload.
You should be able to finish the mission after quickload.

Thank you for playing,

Re: MCO Mechwarrior 2 crash
Worked like a charm.
Thanks Magic.
Love your work.

Re: MCO Mechwarrior 2 crash
Maybe im wrong. But as your referencing to an unsolved problem in MCG:

The only thing that comes to my mind reading your error message is that there maybe a game file defining a maximum heapsize for
graphic operation.

If you can find this entry, change the maximum heapsize defined in it from 65.536 bytes to 131.072 bytes.

In Mech Commander gold this entry was defined in some *.fit files and looked this way:

ul heapSize = 8.192

It crashed after sizing campaigns up.

I solved it by doubling it, means took 16.384 / 32.768 bytes and the error didnt ocurred again.
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Re: MCO Mechwarrior 2 crash
It refers to MCO not MCG and there are no heap limits in MCO (all heap limits eliminated, mem alloc is dynamic)...