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Apologies if this doesn't go here, I wasn't sure where else to post it.

Was wondering, has anyone thought or put any consideration into getting a 3D printout of some of the fine ships of this series, both official and fanmade? I've done similar with a couple other games - purely for my own enjoyment - and was curious if there was anyone around here who had had similar thoughts.
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Begs the question though of how one converts Freespace's POF files to something a 3D printer can use, such as STL or OBJ. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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You can convert a POF file into a obj file using Blender. Just sayin! :D
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You can convert a POF file into a obj file using Blender. Just sayin! :D

Tried it, didn't see the files. I was using the latest version of Blender, so unless I am missing something...
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Jadehawk is omitting a few steps. You need to get PCS2, the model converter for FS models. You can use this to convert the models to Collada, which is importable by all good 3D modelling programs.
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Thanks, The E. I've been googling around the internets all this time, and have installed PCS2. I can open/view POF files, but my only options for saving are POF, PMF and COB.

Looking at THIS: there appears to be some dead links.

Ditto this link:

EDIT: Found what I needed to convert to colladata from another thread. But the Sirona download link is still a dud. Just an FYI to all.

EDIT X2: This link has lots of ships too...
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