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First, massive props for this campaign. I'm not even finished yet and I already rank it right up there with Blue Planet. And it could totally pass as canon to boot. Very very well done.

The question at hand, do you plan to release the OST in HQ? I quite enjoy the music, it give the game such a great feel!

Very please fan


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The problem is that I don't necessarily have the HQ originals. If you look in the credits.tbl, you can find the website and artist on that website where I got all the music. Most of that was already less than what you would consider HQ. So a straight rip of the .ogg files from BTA1_Music.vp is probably the best you're going to get. I think there's even a few tracks that didn't get used in the VP, btw.

But I'm glad you liked the music! I searched for months to put that playlist together, so I'm happy that paid off. :)
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