Author Topic: How to complete "Showdown at the pass"?  (Read 1719 times)

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How to complete "Showdown at the pass"?
At first: Thumbs up for the great game!  :yes:

I discovered FS2 on a "best 15 space games list" - as 1st! And it deserves that title very much. :D I'm very impressed by the game mechanics and the mission design.

Now my question: Am I too dumb or slow or whatnot, but how do I complete "Showdown at the pass" in Raider Wars? My wingmen get moped up pretty quickly by those fast Centauri ships. They are like flying circles around us. I'm not seeing how I'm ever going to win that battle.

Any hints regarding tactics/weapon selection?


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Re: How to complete "Showdown at the pass"?
Probably the most challenging mission of the campaign. I don't remember building any particular trick into it. So probably grab a thunderbolt, tell your wingmen to engage anyone (they live longer that way), take out the fighters to give yourself some breathing space, then take out the Scarab transport's turrets. I don't ever recall completing this mission with wingmen still alive.
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Re: How to complete "Showdown at the pass"?
Hi, just recently started playing TBP too.

I remember that mission; it struck me as very hard too. In my previous experience in Drums of War, taking out Sentris in a Frazi was challenging, but not impossible - when you have a 75mm pulse, one shot and they're toast. Even if outnumbered, I'd take some damage, sure, but generally come out on top eventually. In this particular mission, even with the advanced thunderbolt, I would get ripped apart in seconds. I had the feeling I was easy to hit and destroy, and the one gun you get, even if quite powerful, requires you to stay on a target for a few seconds - and with 3+ enemies on your ass, that's easier said than done. I had dozens of failed attempts, so I thought I'd try to emulate a 75mm-toting Frazi with EA hardware - a Badger loaded with 6x40mm pulse guns was the closest. And, sure enough, I eventually made it. Being able to blast those Sentris with one or two decisive shots, all while bobbing and weaving was the key. Still took a few attempts, but it was clear that was the "right" way to press on.
I agree that wingmen are none other than a distraction, really. Hopefully before they all die you'll have taken out a couple fighters so that you can manage the rest on your own. Missiles are also, IMHO, very unreliable.

What felt really tense and deceptively hard was disarming the ship. It's bristling with turrets, yet with a relatively fragile hull. To disarm it without destroying it you really have to shoot the turrets and only the turrets, which are pretty damn accurate and outrange you to boot. I can't remember exactly, but perhaps if they're on the brink of destruction they'll surrender anyway even if they're not completely, but just mostly disarmed.
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