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Mechcommander 2/Omnitech Crash Fix
Hey everyone I posted to the moddb page for Omnitech but also wanted to cast a net here, if you're on Windows 10 and the game refuses to start (black screen, crash, can't open fullscreen message) then go and download the free wrapper utility DG Voodoo2 version 2.53, it will emulate an older GPU which will allow you to not only start the game, but fill you screen as well. Simply download, copy the dg voodoo config exe to your MC2/Omnitech install and drop the 3 .dll files from the MS folder into the install directory. Configure your settings in the Direct X tab of dg voodoo 2's config executable, and then run MC2/Omnitech as an administrator. Once you get in goto options and disable hardware mouse to stop the flickering glitch, after that you should be good to go. I'm playing at 3440x1440p without any issues, this fix also works for Mechwarrior 3/Pirate's Moon and Vengeance/Black Knight. Hope it helps someone
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Re: Mechcommander 2/Omnitech Crash Fix
Careful Everybody. I downloaded it to check it out and the zip file carries a high risk rated virus. Eliminated.


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Re: Mechcommander 2/Omnitech Crash Fix
If you are getting it from the dege website, you are getting it direct from the author. According to him it is a false positive because it is an unsigned dll.

I've been using dgvoodoo for a while now to play Mechwarrior 3. It works well so I can confirm that hattedsandwich is not just trolling to get a virus out there.

Re: Mechcommander 2/Omnitech Crash Fix
Good input. NORTON complains like crazy but other scanners do not find anything.
Maybe it is OK, like you stated.