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That's awesome!!  :yes:

edit: we need the pic on this page as well :D

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I'll pretend I understood that. Anyways, :eek2: soooo coooool. You need a badge that says 'I am a cool guy'.

Thanks! I appreciate it

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.
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It's Beautiful


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Holy ****! This looks like it could come out of a movie!

They should trash whatever they are animating Rebells in and hire you guys to do (at least) the space battles of that series in the FS2's engine. ^^


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It must be said that (predictably) it's a bit of a bugger to LOD, though. :D Working on that has taken me a fairly long time, but it's... almost there.

Great work, zookeeper. Without your work, these models would be as dull and lifeless as a rock.


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Great work, zookeeper. Without your work, these models would be as dull and lifeless as a rock.

It would be quite a pretty rock though  :D