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Afterburner indicator question
I really enjoy playing Diaspora and I've been testing it under the latest code releases.

I was toying around with the HUD table yesterday and made some minor tweaks for my personal use and I thought about something that would be really cool but I don't know if it can be implemented without a code change.

So you know how the ammo gauge has the moving count as you fire you weapons and the numbers turn red at a certain point when you're low on ammo?  I'd like to do something similar with Afterburner Energy/Fuel bar.  Have it read out a percent next to or above the bar and turn red when it gets down to say 10%.

Is that possible through tables or would that require code change in the exe?  I don't think I've seen any mod that had that feature so I'm thinking code, which would make it impossible right now with new features freeze.

And on a related question, is it possible to control WHEN the ammo count turns red?

Can any of this be done with scripting?



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Re: Afterburner indicator question
Can any of this be done with scripting?
No, the afterburner HUD gauge is handled by the engine and it has no hooks for Lua to change its behavior. A percent readout should be possible and turning it red if it's below a specified threshold is trivial to add so it would be a definite possibility. The code changes should be relatively limited so it should be easy to implement.

Re: Afterburner indicator question
Note however that FSO is currently in a code freeze, so even trivial features can't be added for a few months.
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