Author Topic: Multiplayer Works 3.7.5 Nightly  (Read 1241 times)

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Multiplayer Works 3.7.5 Nightly
I have been trying to get my multiplayer working for years. Finally got it working (again) on 3.7.5 nightly build on 9-2-2017 with 3.6.12 Mediavps.
Just wanted everyone to know, in case others had trouble getting Multi working.

So the HLP community has two more Multiplayer Pilots now. And we (Cameron and I) are re-learning FREDing as well to help out.
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Re: Multiplayer Works 3.7.5 Nightly
That's good. If you need help with it, just shout out. Especially if you find SEXPs that work on the server but not on the client, I've been trying hard to fix all of those, but a few may have slipped past me.
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