Author Topic: Concourse/main menu changes?  (Read 1389 times)

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Concourse/main menu changes?
So I was wondering if you guys had made any changes to the main menu and UI, given that this mod is set in another universe it seems appropriate. Are there any images giving us a glimpse of the changes?

Or will it be just the regular Freespace menu with a Star Wars campaign in the campaigns room?


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Re: Concourse/main menu changes?
We have a new interface but are looking into upgrading it, so not sure we want to show off what may not even be released.
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Re: Concourse/main menu changes?
Yeah, we have a custom main menu and interface graphics, but they're not hugely impressive so hopefully we manage to upgrade them further before release, in which case I'm sure we'd be more happy to post some screenshots.


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Re: Concourse/main menu changes?
I'll poke around and see if there's anything worth showing for you guys.  As already mentioned most of it's in need of an update.