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I know there's a feature freeze but I was wondering about the possibility of a new launcher option in the future.  You know the "Disable emissive light from ships" option?  It's pretty cool as it adds some realism, however, sometimes a giant black mass against the back drop just doesn't look as cool as it should.

How about a "Reduced emissive light from ships" say cut it back to only 25% so they are very dim but not completely black.  Might not be as realistic but it would be a cool compromise between the two.


That's in the "Lighting" section of HLP Wiki -> custom command flags. -no_emissive_light and -ambient_factor flags. I personally use something like this:

3.7.5 Nightly (All about PBR)
Custom command line: -ambient_factor 55 -no_emissive_light -spec_exp 15 -spec_point .2 -spec_static .8 -spec_tube .2 -ogl_spec 50

It's mostly dark, and suns are the biggest source of light there - if your target isn't illuminated by them, it's really hard to see it, but that also gives the shadows and glowmaps some more love than usually. Try it out!
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Thank you, I will.