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wxLauncher doesnt recognize FS2 executable
Good evening all, I had FS2 up and running on SCP using the wxLauncher 0.10, however, something happened and it crashed and I couldn't get it back.  Uninstalled everything, FS2, FSO, wxL.  Reinstalled FS2 from GOG, dl'd wxL0.12 and installed from FSO again. 
In my Games directory, I have 2 folders named Freespace2, 1 has 3 data files, the other appears to be all the mods.
I also have a directory called GOG Games, this has the Freespace files in it.

When I start wxL, go to Basic Settings and find either of the Freespace2 folders, wxL tells me there are not .exe's.  I can open the folder and see the Freespace.exe file.

Windows 10

Any thoughts?


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Re: wxLauncher doesnt recognize FS2 executable
Wait, so you have two folders in the same location named "Freespace2"? That shouldn't be possible. Are you sure that one of them isn't really named "Freespace 2" (with a space)?

How are you installing FSO? With the installer or manually? If you're using the installer, you need to make sure that the path in the Installation Directory field (on the first screen) is correct; I recommend clicking the Browse button and selecting the correct folder rather than typing it in. (And if you install to an empty folder, you should get an option to install from the GOG setup file; consider using this method if you still have trouble.)
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