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RELEASE: Windmills

Welcome, Commander.

Windmills - You aren't a fighter pilot. You are Command. And you're going to have to make some very hard decisions. No FreeSpace mod has ever offered something quite as startling or boundary-pushing as Windmills. Taking inspiration from DEFCON, Portal, and the best traditions of video game mind****ery, Windmills is FreeSpace as a strategy game, as a psychological test, as the Battle Room from Ender's Game, as a deconstruction of the pilot's hatred of Command. Perhaps the least-appreciated, most important work of FreeSpace auteur Ransom Arceihn.

Windmills is a tactical morality puzzle in which you command starships at arm's reach and every decision you make is ruining someone's day.


* Extract all contents of the zip file to your Freespace folder.
* Select the mod "Windmills" via your FSOpen mod launcher.
NOTE: This release requires that you have installed the MediaVPs 2014.  There should thus be folders named the following in your Freespace2 directory:


Ransom Arceihn - Original concept and campaign
Admiral Nelson - Patch to version 1.1 as documented below
FrikgFeek - Testing

3) FIXES IN 1.1

Many stability fixes made to (hopefully) eliminate crashing in current FSO builds
Removed old "blank" HUD elements; use hud_gauges table instead
AI profiles table changed to "flatten" AI behavior across difficulties
Changed banking constant to zero since the player doesn't have a ship
Minor FRED bugfixes
Changes to dialogue to improve clarity of certain instructions
Escort list tweaks
Spelling fixes

I can't guarantee that all crash bugs have been eliminated due to the plethora of choices available in Windmills, as well as its groundbreaking nature.  Should you encounter any crashing, please report it here in this thread.



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