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So, here's an interesting one. It originally started off as a thematic experiment - a way to play a deck focused on the raider and viking aesthetic of SK.

The tempo and thinning capabilities of this thing are insane, and if you're lucky enough to land one (or, heaven help your opponent, both) the War Longships in Turn 1, you absolutely rock.

Win condition is 1-2 Captains at 13+ strength being played at turn 3.

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And the trolling continues. Here's me using a Reaver Hunter Trio....while playing as Monsters!

My opponent gave me one by using The Operator. I stole one with the Succubus and then stole the third one from my opponents graveyard (I'd previously killed two of them with Geralt) with the Caretaker. That gave me the trio, something my opponent never managed despite having 4 of the buggers at one point.

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