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Hmm, I probably should.

*smacks head*

Shows that I shouldn't post when I'm asleep:-P


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Dont forget to actually make the post :)
I want to read it


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bump till I get it on the page.
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Sorry, I had a question but found the proper thread for posting it in...
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I dislike BugZilla because of its [slowness] on my computer so I'll post bug reports here.

Bug Report(s)
1. The music and briefing voice play incorrectly (repeates the same part of itself] when the CD in not in the drive.

2. When exceeding the original "ships.tbl" limit, a mission would take a lot of time to load.  The status bar of the mission would reach 100% but the mission would load for another five minutes before it goes into briefing.

3. FRED 2 doesn't quite take oversized "ships.tbl" very well.  Since one of the greatest improvements of FS2_Open_3.2 is that it allows bigger "ships.tbl" size and ships limit, FRED 2 shouldn't have this limitation.

General Suggestions
1. The beam cannon's "jaggedness" should be adjustable by the MODder in "weapons.tbl" as a flag.  If not, then please shorten the amount of bitmap overlays so that the beam would look more "real".  [Make it similar to the Homeworld beams.]

2. Make a separate flag for engine trails that will be enabled "everywhere". [The Apocalypse Project people would really like that!]

3. Blinking lights

4. A color used in a texture map would be invisible.

5. POF support for background images.

6. Moving parts of given degrees (or radians) on submodel axis.


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Have you even read this thread? At all? All this stuff has been mentioned in this forum. Except for the .pof for backgrounds, which, why would you want to do that?

That is why the SCP uses Bugzilla, so they don't get the same stuff over and over again.


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It's a web app, there's no reason it should be slow on your computer. That's like saying HLP is slow because of your computer.

Please use it, otherwise you make us do extra work, and your bug might not get closed :(
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