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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition
Sorry, been busy with Real LifeTM, but it should be over now, at least for a couple of days

The last match, well, we don't talk about the last match. It's just that two of our players are injured, and Secret Weapons can only stay on the pitch for a one drive, until Referee ejects them.

We're playing lizards, and they have luckily more team value than we do. Cause the money is not enough for Ripper the star player troll, three bribes it is.

Yes yes yes! We want to be as offensive as possible!

Enigob earns his first Star Player Points here by injuring a skink! I love the sound the make when they are in pain!

Enigob's general reputation of being a team player takes a nose dive here when he accidentally blocks Gutstench the Troll. It's as if he had something against the trolls. I have to select POW since Both Down would KO Enigob. Either way, it's a turn over :lol:

The opposition tries to catch our ball with a slippery skink.

Luckily, our left side guarding gobbo offers a helping leg, and tackles the skink.

Gutstench provides some back up power to our rear field

Unfortunately, that doesn't help much as Spoon rolls double skulls against the saurus, and gets injured in the process:(

Regenerate, you SOB!

Small miracle here, the opposition doesn't get to capitalize on that. The pogoer runs free, while Slayazh tries to cut down the opposition numbers

Oooh, a cut scene! Give me something good!

How I'm supposed to coach this team when everybody around is incompetent???

Yes, admittedly that path was left a bit open towards the ball carrier

Aaand that's our pogoer gone

Well to be frank, I'm not sure if missing a pogoer is that big of deal anyways.

And they attempt to pick up the ball as an insult to the injury

And succeed in it. This of course means our gobbo goes crowd surfing. It was nice to know ya lil' fella!

Enigob attempts to help by taking a Go For It. This capture is taken some milliseconds before the ball landed on his head, had it not been re-rolled

Our turn ends once again to a failed dodge

And here's the crowd surf of a gobbo. I don't know why, but it's as if the audience is holding back its punches, the gobbo is OK???

In the truest gobbo gambling ways we blitz the skink through a couple of tackle zones

Oh, that was an unexpected knock down, the things are starting to work again or what?

Further gobbo bull**** by fouling a prone skink through a couple of tackle zones. We are rewarded with a KO, and the Referee pretends he didn't see nuffin'

Yes, please go get the ball from there, skink!  :lol:  :lol:

Enigob surfs a Saurus to avenge who the hell was that gobbo anyways

A curios blitz target of opportunity manifested itself next to the ball. The skink carrying the ball is next to the side line, and there's a skink right next to him. A push of the left skink will be enough to surf the ball carrier  :lol:

The crowd appreciates two surfs in a turn

You know the deal with Blood Bowl right? If a ball carrier is surfed, the audience kicks the ball, and they can kick it anywhere on the pitch. Or to the audience on the other side of the pitch which will then kick the ball again. You get the idea.
However, if I ever meet the smartass who thought kicking the ball in the middle of a saurus cage was a fun idea, I'm going to feed him to squiggs.  :mad:

The surf attempt of the last skink fails to double skulls, and is re-rolled in an attempt to get a better handle of the ball

Enigob fails to break armor with his chainsaw

But Gutstench delivers!

Check this gobbo bull**** out. The following move is about trying whether it is possible to pick up the ball from the middle of a couple of tackle zones, and escape with it to the enemy back field. He needs to accomplish a 33% pick-up, a dodge, and at least two 67% dodges to get out completely after that. It would be extremely unlikely he would pull this off, right?

Gobbo bull**** at its finest.

Of course, our opponent is attempting to intercept. Except it doesn't really work that well for them either

That gets re-rolled, but the results is somewhat hilarious. Here's a gobbo knocking down a saurus

And this time you wont be able to reach the ball carrier!

Well except for that. Re-roll!

Slayazh tries another strategy near the center of the pitch. He attacks a saurus from behind!

It's a beautiful KO!

Oh, there's really a path to the ball carrier? How did I miss that???

Aand it was a knock down. What else would it have been? Slayazh, there's a weakly armored skink in your vicinity. You know what to do!

Yes yes yes!

Hur hur hur!  :lol:

Unfortunately, the saurus that blitzed our ball carrier did not finish the job. It's well within gobbo's movement range to pick up the ball and score.


Our co-eds go wild!

This, however, is not particularly good. The KOs woke up, dangit! Hit them harder boyz!

This is also not very good. The troll is out for the game

To avoid the mistakes done in the last match, I'll reserve at least one bribe for the second half so that at least one secret weapon remains on pitch. It gets to be Slayazh.

Unfortunately, we don't have enough bribes for Enigob to stay on the pitch for second half. He gets a red card, and is out.

And that's the half time there.

EDIT: 'cause sp-ell-ing is hard
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition
Second half, and we're receiving  :shaking:

And the greedy bastard is about to eject Slayazh - again

Our kick is a short one. But it does provide entertainment value in a sense that the ball landed on a saurus who failed to catch it (AGI 1). Let's all point at him and laugh!

In an attempt to get things under control, the ball carrier skink gets blitzed with no results to speak of

The game gets a bit messy on the next turn as lizards swarm the region, but there's a hole for Slayazh to slip by

Unfortunately he fails to knock down a relatively unarmored skink.

Further blocks do not work particularly well either. Yes, it got re-rolled to more of the same

The opponent doesn't get to capitalize much either, they fail a pick-up roll, unfortunately their re-roll works

And gobboz get to fly again

Slayazh revs his chainsaw, since its pretty much now or never

Now that did look impressive!

A couple of gobbos go up in the field in anticipation of the ball carrier arriving there.

Our pogoer, in truest Super Mario fashion, Leaps over opposition, and fails his landing roll. That's a re-roll!

It's unfortunate that he sort of runs out of movement allowance before getting to the safety of the couple of gobbos upfield.  :lol: The response is swift and decisive

Aaaand the pogoer is KO'd. Again. It's sort of becoming a running joke of this team

Love that smug look of the saurus  :lol:

Pretty much the only thing we can do is to add another player next to Gutstench so that he will not go dumb on the next turn

This Gutstench rewards with a well placed wrist punch to the snout(?) of the saurus. It's a stun!

The skinks take advantage of the open left side of the pitch. Here's the last chance to halt their advance with a blitz

Of course you do

Not surprisingly the round after that sees the opposition smacking any gobbo they meet (without breaking armor, luckily), and skinks advance. The only option is to hope for a miracle tackle, 'cause there's nothing that can reach that skink in our arsenal.

For some damage control, Gutstench is asked to blitz a skink without anyone instructing him how to do that

He rolls actually quite well, but can't break the skink's armor unfortunately. Meanwhile, this is how our bench looks like at the moment.

And they score

You lucky SOBs there who got ejected by the Referee...

Slayazh gets there too. One troll short, very little damage done to the lizards, it ain't looking good

Here's the plan. A gobbo back field picks up the ball, passes it to the gobbo next to Gutstench, and Gutstench will then throw the said gobbo to opposition back field? Everybody got that? Good!

I would have loved the kind of riot which takes away turns, not the one that grants them!  :lol:

It all worked well here



Until Gutstench became dumb again

Re-roll miraculously saves the Really Stupid roll.

All aboard Gobbo Air flight #004

WAIT, WUT??? That's the craziest twist in a throw anyone has seen! The gobbo lands BEHIND the troll!

And then gets blitzed

No knockdown results. It's still anyone's game! Now march!

Gutstench gets rid of a skink that's pestering him - the idea is that the less enemy players are around the troll, the better he is at throwing

Now that's a smug face if I've ever seen one

He broke the poor thing's jaw  :lol:  :lol:  :lol: Catching flies with that tongue could get tricky in the next following weeks

Let's form a cage to the side. Or at least something resembling a cage, since goblin cages with STR 2 don't really count

And the final dodge so that there's only one saurus next to this gobbo

He gets tackled  - and injured in the process :lol:

Then ball carrier is blitzed

Luckily, it's a dud, and the gobbo remains at play

Now, our play is changed to passing the ball to the pogoer. To even the odds, a skink must be blitzed to make the catch roll at least somewhat feasible. A push is enough.

 :mad:  :mad:  :mad:

Re-rolled to another skull. Brilliant!

It's kind of interesting to realize that anything what I would have tried would have failed anyways

We roll one for the winnings (doesn't actually matter that much with gobbos)

The MVP is again Spoon. He probably failed the least by lying in the injured pit.

The SPPs are delivered to Spoon and Enigob

That's the distribution of our rolls today

For his level up roll (9), Spoon the troll gets Guard.

That's how he looks like now (I personally love the Really Stupid icon)

Next time, it's gonna be again the Norse. Spirit Axes is their name.

Somehow I think "Spirit" in this context has nothing to do with the mental spiritual stuff, and everything with the strong liquors dubbed "spirit"
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition
Bring me'z ur Northmen!

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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition
Alright, my travels for this year are pretty much done at this point and I can concentrate on the game for a chance  ;7

So, we're going against the Drunken Axes, but first things first. If you get hit and get a permanent injury, you fly out of the team. It's for your own good naturally, we are only thinking about that here at the team management!

I suppose the following sequence shows what kind of game this one will be. Oh, and we lost the coin toss, and everybody got an extra re-roll at the beginning of the game

Amazing. It was only a stun!

Gutstench doesn't like what he was seeing, I guess it's the Norse and retorts forcefully

Holy Crap! Very forcefully indeed! And "Agnidora"? What sort of hippie name is that? It's not Norse that's for sure! The only thing better here would have been had Gutstench also scratched his head on the last shot  :lol:

Our middle field howitzer harasses the opposition troop concentrations with well-aimed(?) bombs

Yeah, thought so. Two successful throws in a row would be too much...  :(

This is bull**** in its finest. A norse lineman blocks Gutstench, two red dice, and in both of them, Gutstench goes down.

But our gobbos are starting to get the hang of things bit by bit

And remember, any moment somebody goes down, there's always an eager gobbo with a specific evil glint in his eye, ready to kick the fallen to where it really hurts

I'm seeing the game is developing to a direction I don't want it to go, we don't have the gobbo power at the left flank, and that's where the Norse are. Spoon, could you throw that gobbo to knock down the ball carrier?

No? Fine then, have it your way!

Can I get at least another troll to breath on their necks?

Finally, the bomberman throws a bomb to the Norse bunch. Let's see what they think of it

It does nothing, but at least we get to boot a player

Seems as if this particular gobbo would be a bit too interested of the half naked Norse lying on the ground

Stomping on the prone Norse knocks him out. Good!

Seeing the foul, the referee is always ready to cash in on the dividends. Greedy bastard

Norse get to punch gobbos too. Say, is that a beer or "spirit" tankard hanging on the belt?

Well, we KO one, they KO one so I guess that's fair?

Here, Spoon punches Cnut the Ulfwerener. No, that's not a typo, it's in that order. Cnut is probably some very old form writing of nowadays Knut, but it does make me wonder where Cyanide (devs) picks up these names

Gutstench fails a blitz by being Really Stupid here.


Those who like damage, take not that Gutstench broke the Ulfwerener's wrist. Soooo, the Norse have weak wrists? Mika writes down...

In case you have been wondering what actually happened on the pitch, it's that we couldn't stop the Norse progress on the left flank, and they score.

If you eat your meats and fats, you may become as strong as Audunn here! You know, just like us all here in the north are!

The damage dealt so far one dead Viking and one Badly Hurt Viking. The ulfwerener injured by Gutstench was saved by the Apothecary re-roll. Sometimes those quacks manage to be competent. We the gobbos don't use such quackery.

And our secret weapon Snapig is thrown out from the pitch by the Referee. Nope, I'm not gonna bribe him, as our Slayazh and Enigob didn't step on the pitch so far at all, and I want them to be able to participate on the next two drives.

Spoon rolls defender stumbles for a chance, and gets a chance to injure a Norse

Stop that grinning troll, it's gonna bite back on your ass at some point!

Now there's one badly hurt Viking

Then we boot the Norse thrower too

You know Ref, you're starting to piss me off! What's the price of a gobbo these days?

Hey, there's a runner on our left flank. No, you ain't gonna get that easy out of this today!

Hey, he's doing that roll stuff again!

And there goes the dude who scored last turn!  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Slayazh tries his chainsaw next

The crowning moment of this drive is Gutstench becoming Really Stupid despite having an assistant, which also happens to waste our blitz of this turn.

Which is followed by Spoon becoming Really Stupid attempting to block the Ulfwerener.

What could I do without you guys?

Since there's not much I could do anymore, it's time to end this drive with four opposition casualities, with one of them being a death

Oh, and they are still in the lead  :hopping:
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition
Dems Northmens is fabulous.
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition
So yeaahh, then Capcom Cup 2017 happened. But it's back to scheduled Blood Bowl program and we continue the match where we left.

First of, sorry, my mistake, it's five wounded. Four injured and one dead.

The first thing we do at the beginning of second drive is of course to bribe the referee.

Nope, Enigob stays too, Referee!

Well, then it's just normal formation planning and the kick off, and say whaaaaaat?

I suppose it's either a stun or a knock down as these things usually are... WUT?

Holy crap! The audience CAN actually kill your player right at the beginning of a match!

That's all we are going to see of Cnut the Hunter in this match. And next.

The first round is abruptedly ended by a troll rolling double skulls. Surprise surpise! Dangit Gutstench, start to get lucky!

Re-roll saves. The rest of you take normal damage.

Ahem. Crap, is this going to be one of those boring injuring Chainsaw blitzes again and I'll have to dig somekind of relevant chainsaw GIF from the internets?

I'm actually sort of entertained. You just can't never tell with the goblins!  :lol:

You know who punches like a mule, and is barely in control of his trajectory? It's Enigob, who is swinging his ball to opposition blitzer

He just keeps forgetting things at the heat of moment. This time it was that one of our own was lying on the pitch, and got some good-old mornin'star lovin'

Squisniv is injured. Again. It's just a broken jaw so who cares

The opponent continues with the lucky streak. Hey, it's great to see AI rolling double skulls for a chance it's about bloody time...

Okay Spoon. Can u blitz the lino now?

Now that being said, a knock down is not always a guarantee the player can't reach something important. Especially if they can Jump up.

Crap. Kinda forgot they could do that. And in the truest Blood Bowl sense, it never happens when you want it to happen. It always happens when you are not ready for it

Dammit Spoon! Couldn't you just like... tackle that guy?

Yes, it's up to our pogoer to recover what can be recovered. Which in the case of Skarfen is not much.

You know, that's a direct knockdown right there.

Well ain't it just grand? Pogoer basically mission killed a blitzer. Forever.  :lol:

But the Norse have schnaps apothecary. That blitzer is just fiiiiine.

Recover ze ball!

Enigob, dammit! You aren't supposed to roll three skulls in a row! That's like 1 in 81 chance to happen (about 1.2 %).

It's a re-roll. What did you expect? Gutstench then delivers a knockdown.

And our ever vigilant Nobby Nobbs gobbo delivers the message home. With armored and spiked boots of course.

You know, I'm sort of starting to feel a bit genocidal here? Jawohl!

We take care of one opportunist attempting to sabotage our ball pick up attempts

The pick up naturally fails. Re-roll!

And what? It actually worked??? We have scored!  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Inform the other teams that we have scored!

And it's time for moar hubba hubba for those who have requested to see more of it!

So let me count the dead now

Two are ejected, and two injuries. There's one knocked out but who counts those?

Oh. My. God. On ur pitch, rekin' ur team, that's what we do!

Naturally, the Referee is the greedy sort. Even more money? We don't have that, Mac!

And there goes Enigob too.

And then there is a match once in a while where you start to think the game is trolling you on purpose...

You know what Ref? For being such a soil-sport, we are keeping that money off your hands! Whaddya say about that, huh?

The ball landed a bit too close to center line, blitz that Norse! We maybe able to score again *(gasp)*!

Hey, it's knockdown

Hey, I need more gobbos to swarm the ball carrier like the zerglings we are! Go through a couple of tackle zones while you are at it, see if I care

It isn't a particularly great surprise that one gobbo gets blitzed immediately after

However, the runner can't make a lucky escape, a gobbo is always ready to extend that helping leg

Two turns left, and we have to stop the runner somehow. Gutstench, do the honors!

Boom! Headshot

Spoon, now mush boy!

Spoon, you eeediiiot! That's not a place to trip on your own feet! Re-roll!

It's a fail. Typical

For some incomprehensible reason, the ball doesn't move forward, and we are saved from the jaws of defeat once more! Here, Gutstench makes no mistakes, and plays Mr Nice Guy no more

Dun dun dun!

Yeah, I'd feel smug too

Oh boo, we didn't cause a final insult by delivering a stat injury to their player.

The final action is a pick up attempt and a ridiculously low probability vanity pass

Doesn't work.

Neutral results again with poor winnings. Then again, the gobbos don't need the money. The only thing I have to make sure is that the team isn't worth a penny, and we'll be cruising with Star Player reinforcements in no time!

MVP of the match is Stargog. For god knows what reason

But we did rack up a number of SPPs, courtesy of Armor 7 of Norse. Too bad it's too hot to wear their armors here :D

The dice log is actually surprisingly even. It sure didn't feel like that. Then again, it's not gobbos who are lying in the injury pit this time.

Regarding the team ranking, it's bottom three of the 24 teams in the tournament.


Oh well, at least Gutstench leveled

He's gonna be a guarding troll. That's right, a guarding troll

Man, we wrecked the opposition and still could not win the game  :lol:
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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition
Field was starting to look a bit empty by the end of all that  :lol:

[02:42] <@Axem> spoon somethings wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> critically wrong
[02:42] <@Axem> im happy with these missions now
[02:44] <@Axem> well
[02:44] <@Axem> with 2 of them


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Re: Let's play Blood Bowl II: Legendary Edition
What scoring method does the BB League use?  3 points for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss?  Or is it just a loss counts as half a win in the final standings?